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Adam Kielich is a Trusted Employment Attorney and Divorce Attorney Appearing in National Media

Major media and legal outlets like these look for honest, concise legal analysis. Find out more about why Adam Kielich is a trial attorney you can trust to stand up for your rights.

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Adam Kielich is a Fort Worth employment attorney, Dallas employment attorney, Fort Worth consumer attorneyFort Worth divorce attorney and Bedford divorce attorney in the Dallas and Fort Worth area who helps a wide range of clients solve problems related to problems at work, with the family and when dealing with unscrupulous members of the public. Adam understands the harmful and potentially lifelong consequences of suffering harm caused by another person or business. That’s why Adam will fight to protect your rights and demand justice.

Adam has no fear of standing with you against even the biggest defendants. Your case might involve a one-on-one divorce or other family matter, a dispute with a small business, or a fight against one of the largest corporations in the world. No defendant is too big or too powerful to be brought to justice. Adam has brought claims against well-known, major corporations including international banks, Wall Street financial firms, major hospitals, public universities, major retailers, oil companies and many of the largest insurance companies in the country.

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Employment Law Your Rights at Work

Employees have basic rights to be paid for their work and go to a workplace free from unlawful forms of employment discrimination. Employees also have a small number of other workplace rights, such as the right to medical leave under FMLA. Some employers, however, do not see things this way and treat their employees like cheap tools to abuse and discard. When employers treat you this way you have rights to bring claims in court and demand justice.

Adam understands that an unlawful employment action by your employer isn’t just a bad day on the job. It can have irreversible and lifelong harmful effects on your earning potential, the financial well-being of your family and your ability to retire. Employment discrimination can significantly setback your career–among causing other problems–while a wrongful termination can bring your career to a screeching halt. Learn more about how employment attorney Adam Kielich and The Kielich Law Firm can help you fight back against your employers unlawful conduct and get you the justice you deserve.

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Family Law and Divorce Your Rights at Home

Family law means nasty divorce for most people but that’s not what it should be. Family law is really about using the law to rearrange families in a way that frees people from bad situations and protects the welfare of children. Divorces and other family law situations can be dealt with in a fair and reasonable manner that focuses on building a brighter future. As a divorce attorney, Adam prefers to deal with family law matters in this way. However, not everybody is prepared to behave that way.

When family law situations turn ugly everybody loses. It’s important in those situations to be prepared to fight that kind of trench warfare and protect your assets and your children and do what’s right. Adam is prepared to wade into that battle on your behalf and put to your family law matter the same assertive representation he applies to clients fighting Fortune 500 companies. However, if your divorce is agreeable and an uncontested divorce is in your future, Adam is a divorce attorney with flat fee uncontested divorce services at a fair price.

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Personal Litigation Your Rights and the Public

Sometimes in life doing the right thing can still lead to unfortunate circumstances because somebody around you didn’t do the right thing. This might be driving recklessly and causing a car wreck, a business dishonestly selling goods or services that failed to meet sales promises, or a contractor who promised work and failed to deliver. It’s not your fault somebody else decided to behave recklessly or fraudulently and you don’t have to live with it.

Adam fights to right these wrong whether the other side is a major insurance company, a business, or another individual. The judicial system gives us remedies to take parties to court and be made whole. Learn more about how trial attorney Adam Kielich can help you recover what you are due.

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