5 Questions to Ask When Hiring a Divorce Attorney for a Flat Fee Uncontested Divorce in Texas

best bedford divorce attorneyUncontested divorces can be done as a flat fee divorce so you know the exact cost for the divorce–at least as long as the divorce remains uncontested. Divorce attorneys in Dallas and Fort Worth typically help clients with a divorce on an hourly fee because the work is often not predictable and we have to do as much work as it takes to get the job done. However, in an uncontested divorce the volume of work is less and you are really paying for the attorney’s expertise and skill in drafting your divorce documents and getting you through the court system. With a flat fee uncontested divorce you should know what you are going to pay up front. Today’s post will give you some questions to consider when looking for a divorce attorney for an uncontested divorce.

1. How much will I pay in addition to the flat fee to talk to my divorce attorney?

Are you paying additional fees to talk to a paralegal or attorney about your case? If so, each communication is going to run up the bill on your uncontested divorce.

2. How much will I pay for revisions on documents in my divorce?

Your uncontested divorce requires several documents to get you from petition to divorce granted. Will you pay extra costs for revisions to these documents? This will also run up the bill on your uncontested divorce.

3. Is there an additional fee for a divorce attorney to come to court with me?

In most courts at least one of the spouses must appear before the judge to ask the court to grant the divorce. If an attorney representing you in court is an additional fee then you need to know how much more it will cost.

4. What is the total cost I will pay for my uncontested divorce?

You should know how much you will be out of pocket for an uncontested divorce if you are paying a “flat fee” for the divorce. If it is a flat fee, it should be a flat fee.

5. What will I pay if my spouse will not agree to the divorce?

If your divorce ends up contested then you need to know how your attorney will handle the change in approach and how the fees will change to reflect the new situation.

Most people who want an uncontested divorce in DFW are looking for flat fee legal representation. Make sure you know what the fees are and what additional fees you may owe.

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