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Uncontested divorce lawyers in Bedford, Texas help clients in Bedford, Dallas, Fort Worth and other parts of Tarrant County, Texas. Uncontested divorce is a divorce in which the parties have agreed on the child and property issues in the divorce and do not want to spend the time and money litigating these issues. These divorces are often less stressful and less expensive than a contested divorce; however, uncontested divorces are not right for everybody. If the parties cannot reach a meaningful and fair agreement then the cost savings up front will likely be eaten many times over down the road dealing with the financial and child issues that arise.

Uncontested divorce lawyers in Bedford, Texas

Under the Texas Family Code there is no specific process for an uncontested divorce. An uncontested divorce in Texas follows the same procedures as every other divorce; however, the parties skip several optional steps because they reached an agreement and do not need those typically expensive steps. The uncontested divorce could follow every step and procedure in a contested divorce but the agreement makes those steps an unnecessary expense. The goal for most uncontested divorces in Tarrant County is to complete the divorce as quickly and easily as possible with a fair and reasonable agreement. By skipping many of the more costly steps, many uncontested divorces can finish close to the sixty day waiting period.

Uncontested divorce process in Tarrant County, Texas

An uncontested divorce in Texas begins by filing a petition with the Tarrant County family courts in Fort Worth. The divorce petition asks the court to grant a divorce, order property division and custody orders. Filing the petition begins the sixty day waiting period. The other spouse must either be served with a copy of the divorce petition or sign a waiver of service. During the sixty day waiting period the parties will finalize their agreement and draft the divorce decree. Once the waiting period expires the parties can go to court and ask the court to grant the divorce after a prove up hearing. A prove up hearing is a brief hearing in which the parties put on evidence to prove the basic facts supporting the divorce. Then the judge will sign the divorce decree.

In Tarrant County, like many other Texas counties, uncontested divorces without lawyers take a longer time. In Tarrant County the family court clerks assign a limited number of prove up hearings for unrepresented divorces each day. The backlog of these uncontested divorces results in people waiting weeks and sometimes months to see the judge. On the other hand, uncontested divorces lawyers do not have to wait this additional period. Once the sixty day waiting period expires and the parties are ready to go then your Bedford uncontested divorce lawyer can go to court without waiting for an assignment. This is a good reason to consider hiring an attorney for your agreed divorce.

Bedford uncontested divorce lawyers

Another good reason to hire Bedford uncontested divorce lawyers is to ensure your agreement is accurately described in the divorce decree. If the judge signs a divorce decree with improper custody or child support language then you could deal with the consequences for years. A bad custody situation can spoil a good co-parenting relationship. Similarly, poor property division language can create problems with creditors and cloud the title to homes or cars.

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