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Uncontested Divorce Resources in Fort Worth and Dallas, Texas

Uncontested divorce is a low cost, less complex way to resolve a divorce in Texas. Uncontested divorce is a divorce in which the spouses have an agreement on the custody and property issues in their divorce. The result of an agreed divorce, is to end the marriage with an enforceable, clear decree. The decree should describe the agreement of the parties on custody, child support, division of property and debts and any other important issue in a way that is clear for the parties and allows them to enforce the terms of the decree in the future. Three benefits of...

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Fort Worth uncontested divorce lawyer answers top ten uncontested divorce questions

Fort Worth uncontested divorce lawyer Adam Kielich helps clients across Tarrant County and Dallas County with uncontested or agreed divorces. Uncontested divorce is a common path for people who have simple divorces or can agree on the terms of the divorce and want an affordable divorce. Agreed divorces in Texas are good options for many people in Fort Worth and surrounding areas. However, it's not a good fit for every person seeking a cheap divorce or a quick divorce in Texas. When questioning whether an uncontested divorce is right for you, you should consider several factors and make a decision...

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EEOC employment lawyers busy this month on employment discrimination

EEOC lawyers have had a busy September starting and settling employment discrimination lawsuits. The EEOC accepts charges of employment discrimination in Fort Worth and Dallas at the Dallas, Texas office. Employment lawyers in Fort Worth and Dallas represent employees in these types of employment discrimination lawsuits. The following is just the listing of the EEOC activity reported in the last ten days. This is a large number of cases for the employment discrimination agency. Although these are not all Texas employment discrimination cases, they reflect the larger activities of the EEOC. A review of these employment discrimination lawsuits by the EEOC...

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Super lawyers, rising stars, best lawyers and other attorney advertising in Texas

Super Lawyers is a division of Thompson Reuters, a private mass media and information business. People searching for lawyers or attorneys almost certainly will see law firms advertising Super Lawyers designations. These include Super Lawyers and Super Lawyers Rising Stars. People searching for lawyers may be impressed by this designation although they don't really know what it means. After all, it sounds...

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Dallas employment lawyers with free consultations?

Dallas employment lawyers sometimes offer free consultations in their Dallas, Texas law firms. Most of the well-known employment attorneys in Dallas and Fort Worth do not offer free consultations. They may charge a fee of $75-300. Some lawyers offer free consultations but these may be personal injury lawyers or other trial attorneys who take on all types of cases. While many of these attorneys are excellent lawyers, they may not have expertise in employment law. Employment lawsuits like wrongful termination, employment discrimination and FMLA claims are very technical. Not having expertise as a Dallas employment lawyer can be harmful to...

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Differences between racial discrimination claims under Title VII and Section 1981: Dallas racial discrimination lawyer explains

Employment discrimination claims under Texas and federal law often require sorting through a web of statutory and administrative requirements. Many employment laws overlap. A set of facts of a Dallas or Fort Worth employee may provide several claims for employment discrimination due to the overlap. Maneuvering the overlap and setting up an employee for the best employment discrimination claims is an important part of a Fort Worth and Dallas Texas employment lawyer's work. One type of employment discrimination with a high degree of overlap is racial discrimination. Race-based discrimination is prohibited under both federal and Texas law. (Sometimes local law as...

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Are EEOC complaints confidential in Texas? Dallas employment lawyer explains

Employees suffering employment discrimination often worry about the effects of reporting employment discrimination to the EEOC. This is especially true for employees who still work at the job where discrimination occurs. Retaliation for complaining about employment discrimination is a real and serious concern. This concern may lead workers to not contact the EEOC or an employment lawyer in Dallas or Fort Worth who can investigate and take action to protect the employee from employment discrimination and retaliation. Today's post discusses how information shared with the EEOC (or the Texas Workforce Commission) is protected and what is shared with the employer. Initial...

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Age discrimination the new EEOC focus? Seems so. Dallas age discrimination lawyer discusses

Age discrimination is the new focus of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) this year according to the  new acting chair of the EEOC, Victoria Lipnic. This is a surprising shift for the EEOC which targeted retaliation and novel issues over the past several years. This move towards age discrimination occurs with the fiftieth anniversary of the Age Discrimination in Employment Act (ADEA) passed in 1967. Although some champion this move for legal reasons, questions remain whether this move has a political purpose as well. [caption id="" align="alignright" width="235"] Commissioner Lipnic; courtesy of wikipedia[/caption] Age discrimination in employment in Texas Under Texas and federal law,...

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Cheap uncontested divorce lawyer in Texas–Fort Worth and Dallas, Texas

Most people searching for cheap uncontested divorces in Texas, including Dallas and Fort Worth, seek out flat fee divorce lawyers. Cheap uncontested divorce lawyers in Texas often run between $500-1000 on a flat fee basis. In the Dallas and Fort Worth area you may find uncontested divorce lawyers running as much as $2500. Attorney's fees for contested divorces often run far higher and usually hourly rather than a flat fee. An important question for somebody searching for cheap uncontested divorce in Texas is what the divorce lawyer includes in the flat fee. A flat fee may include only document drafting....

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Severance and Texas unemployment benefits: Can I take both? Fort Worth unpaid wages lawyer explains

Dallas and Fort Worth employees often question the relationship between severance pay and unemployment benefits through the Texas Workforce Commission. Workers often think if they accept severance pay they are automatically ineligible for unemployment benefits in Texas. That is incorrect. The terms of the severance agreement determine whether you can receive severance and unemployment pay in Texas. When in doubt, talk to Dallas or Fort Worth Texas employment lawyer Adam Kielich about your situation. Basic rules for Texas Workforce Commission unemployment benefits and severance pay Unemployment benefits from the Texas Workforce Commission are available to Dallas and Fort Worth employees who lost their...

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