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Fort Worth and Dallas FMLA lawyer Adam Kielich represents clients in FMLA claims in Texas. The Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) is a federal law protecting employee rights to medical leave for the employee’s medical condition or an immediate family member’s medical condition. The Family Medical Leave Act protects the right to return from leave to the same position you had before leave or a position similar to your prior position. If your employer interferes with your FMLA rights or retaliates against you for exercising your FMLA rights you are entitled to recover from your employer for lost pay, lost benefits and other financial harm.

FMLA claims for retaliation, denial and interference are complex due to the complicated Family Medical Leave Act regulations. Working with an FMLA attorney is critical to putting yourself in the best position to defend your rights against your employer’s FMLA violations. If you believe your employer violated your FMLA rights then contact Fort Worth and Dallas employment lawyer Adam Kielich right away.

FMLA protections for medical leave

The Family Medical Leave Act applies to employers with at least fifty employees within at least twenty weeks within the current or prior calendar year. FMLA will apply to each employee who worked at least 1,250 hours and employed at least twelve months. Some exceptions do apply, such as for certain highly paid employees. Employers may permit leave for employees not meeting these requirements; but the right to leave or to return from leave to the same job will not fall under the Family Medical Leave Act. If your employer denies a valid request for FMLA leave then contact Fort Worth and Dallas employment lawyer Adam Kielich right away.

FMLA protects the right to up to twelve weeks of medical leave and return to the same or similar job with the same pay and benefits. FMLA leave is granted if the employee or certain family members have a serious medical condition. Family members included under the Family Medical Leave Act are children, spouses, parents, siblings and grandparents. The Family Medical Leave Act does not define what a serious medical condition is but courts generally define it as more than a common cold but broadly beyond minor illness when the medical condition affects the employee’s ability to perform the essential job duties. Pregnancy and pregnancy-related conditions fall within the Family Medical Leave Act.

If the need for medical leave is foreseen, such as in the case of pregnancy or a scheduled surgery, the employer can ask for thirty days notice, certification by a physician of the medical condition and request the employee schedule treatment, if possible, in a way that minimizes disruption of the employer’s business operations. If the leave is unforeseen the employer may ask for periodic updates on the condition and the employee’s intentions to return to work.

FMLA violations in Texas

Under the Family Medical Leave Act an employer may not interfere with your exercise of FMLA-protected medical leave, discriminate against you or retaliate for taking or requesting FMLA leave, or take adverse action against you and your job because you took Family Medical Leave Act leave. If your employer violates your FMLA rights you should contact Texas employment attorney Adam Kielich to pursue your claims. Some common ways employers violate FMLA include:

  • Terminate you while you are on FMLA leave because your employer wants you to be at work during your leave time;
  • Decline to approve leave for arbitrary reasons or because the business does not want you gone;
  • Give you a negative performance review because you were not able to complete the same amount of work as other employees who did not take leave during the same performance review period;
  • You return from leave to find your pay or job duties reduced because you were on leave or in retaliation for taking leave;
  • Terminating you, demoting you, or reducing job duties because you requested FMLA leave;
  • Harassing you while on leave;
  • Refusing your doctor’s certification because the company does not want to grant leave;
  • Terminating you while you are on leave or when you come back in retaliation for taking leave.

FMLA remedies

You have remedies under the Family Medical Leave Act if your employer refuses to grant a legitimate request for FMLA or takes adverse action because you took FMLA leave. The most common remedy for a Family Medical Leave Act violation is recovering a monetary award for lost compensation and other financial harm caused by the employer’s bad acts. An employee can also recover liquidated damages under the Family Medical Leave Act which is similar to punitive damages. It doubles the amount of recovery against the employer.

If an employee was fired or removed from a position following FMLA leave or a request for Family Medical Leave Act leave the employee may also ask the court to reinstate the employee but this is a less common remedy. Determining the best course of recovery for you and your case is specific to you and the facts of your situation and should be determined with the help of an FMLA attorney.

How The Kielich Law Firm can help in Dallas and Fort Worth, Texas

FMLA claims can be complex and require a very technical understanding of Family Medical Leave Act regulations. If your employer violated your FMLA rights or retaliated against for requesting or taking FMLA leave you should contact an employment attorney to discuss your case. The Kielich Law Firm can assist you with your Family Medical Leave Act claims. If denied FMLA leave and still employed I can help inform your employer that you have a right to Family Medical Leave Act leave and negotiate approval for your leave. If you suffered retaliation for your request or leave, I can also represent your claims for reinstatement or compensation.

It is important that you act quickly to contact my office after your employer does something prohibited by the Family Medical Leave Act because the law places a limited period of time to bring those claims to court. Contact my office to discuss your case.

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