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Fort Worth benefits lawyers help clients in Fort Worth, Dallas and other parts of Texas with employee benefits issues. Employee benefits, including 401k, pension, insurance, severance, bonuses, deferred compensation plans and vacation, are important parts of employee compensation. Employee benefits are a part of your compensation like your paycheck. Even if the benefit does not have an obvious financial component, like a bonus or 401k contribution, losing that benefit is a pay cut. Federal or Texas employment law governs many employee benefits. If your employer improperly harms your benefits then you may have a claim under these laws against your employer. If you believe you may have a claim then you should talk to a Fort Worth benefits lawyer who can analyze your situation.

Employee benefits in Fort Worth, Texas

Many benefit plans fall under the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974 known as ERISA. ERISA governs 401k plans, many defined benefit pension plans, many insurance plans, some severance plans, 403b plans, 401a plans, cafeteria plans and some other benefits. ERISA sets a high standard for plan management and safeguards for employee benefits. Employers who violate ERISA are liable to employees for lost benefits, out of pocket expenses, attorneys fees and other damages depending upon the type of claim. ERISA plans often require specific procedures to begin a claim against the plan or employer because the statute and its regulations give employers an opportunity to cure many violations before sending the issue to court.

Some benefits are not ERISA plans such as vacation pay or some company reimbursement plans. Employers have much more freedom to reduce or eliminate these benefits at their discretion. The strongest protection for these benefits comes from working under a contract or collective bargaining agreement because that gives a direct contractual remedy to the employee. Employees may have remedies when an employer retroactively reduces these benefits under Texas statute or contract law.

Any time your employer messes with your benefits you should talk to a Fort Worth benefits lawyer about your situation to assess whether there are meritorious claims against your employer to protect your compensation. Fort Worth benefits attorneys can help you assess your situation and determine what steps are available.

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