Fort Worth Uncontested Divorce Lawyer on Uncontested Divorce in Tarrant County

Uncontested divorces are common in Tarrant County at the family courts in downtown Fort Worth, often with the help of uncontested divorce lawyers. Often spouses are able to resolve the issues in their divorce without the burden of an expensive and long divorce. For those people, an uncontested divorce avoids most of the cost and delay in the typical contested divorce. In Tarrant County we have special family courts (like Dallas) that only deal with family law issues. (Like divorce and child support.) Family law attorneys around Texas know Tarrant County is a different animal when it comes to family law. Practicing family law in Tarrant County means understanding how our court system works and how the judges treat cases. Even within Tarrant County the individual family court judges have different approaches to dealing with cases, including uncontested divorces.

Tarrant County uncontested divorces in Bedford, Fort Worth, Arlington, Hurst and North Richland Hills

In Tarrant County uncontested divorces there is no guarantee the judge will grant a divorce with a possession schedule outside of the standard possession order (alternating weekends plus Thursday evenings), a child conservatorship that lacks child support, or a property division that appears lopsided in favor of one party. This is especially true where neither party has an attorney. In an uncontested divorce without an attorney the parties can expect to have their divorce decree cautiously reviewed by the judge.

Typically the judges in the Fort Worth family courts will accept a divorce decree in an uncontested divorce where at least one of the parties has a divorce attorney. This is particularly true when the judge can reasonably believe the attorney drafted appropriate language in the divorce decree and assessed the fairness of the proposed decree before having the client sign it. The more creative the divorce decree the greater the risk the judge may reject the proposed decree. Therefore the more likely that an attorney in your uncontested divorce will be worthwhile.

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