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Dallas employment attorney and Fort Worth divorce lawyer

Employment Lawyers & Divorce Attorneys for Dallas and Fort Worth, Texas

What The Kielich Law Firm Can Do For You


Dallas and Fort Worth employment lawyers and divorce lawyers help clients solve problems at work and at home in Texas. The Kielich Law Firm represents individuals in Dallas and Fort Worth, Texas in employment law and family law cases. Executive attorney Adam Kielich helps clients with employment cases including employment discrimination, unpaid overtime pay, wrongful termination, retaliation and FMLA leave, as well as family law matters ranging from contested and uncontested divorces, custody modifications, child support enforcements and QDROs.

Ready to talk to an employment lawyer or divorce lawyer? Submit your case today. Employment law and family law problems generally do not benefit from delaying action. Contact an attorney right away. Submit your case to The Kielich Law Firm by calling 817.857.1123 or completing the contact form on this page.

Who needs employment lawyers in Texas?


The Dallas and Fort Worth area is full of people who have different needs for Fort Worth or Dallas employment lawyers. If you’re looking for Dallas or Fort Worth employment lawyers, you might be an executive or an entry level employee. Every type of employee is at risk of wrongful termination, employment discrimination and other unlawful employment acts that require a employment attorneys in Dallas and Fort Worth, Texas. Texas employment lawyer Adam Kielich helps clients with these and other employment law problems.

Texas is not the most friendly state for employees. That is among the reasons why you need a Fort Worth and Dallas employment lawyer. There are federal and Texas employment laws that help protect your job from bad employers. Employment lawyers help clients fight to protect themselves from bad employers. Dallas and Fort Worth employment lawyers fight with clients to protect their rights from a system otherwise rigged for employers. Ready to start working with employment lawyers? Contact Texas employment lawyer Adam Kielich now. Submit your case to Texas employment attorney Adam Kielich using the contact form or call The Kielich Law Firm at 817.857.1123.

Who needs family law attorneys in Fort Worth and Dallas, Texas?


As a divorce lawyer in Fort Worth and all of Tarrant County, Texas Adam Kielich helps clients in DFW with family law services ranging from uncontested divorces to complex divorces. Fort Worth divorce lawyers like Adam Kielich help clients solve child support problems and custody modifications in Dallas and Fort Worth, Texas. Adam Kielich is also a QDRO lawyer drafting qualified domestic relations orders to divide retirement plans. Ready to start working with a divorce lawyer? Contact divorce lawyer Adam Kielich at The Kielich Law Firm using the contact form or calling 817.857.1123.

Find The Kielich Law Firm in Dallas and Fort Worth, Texas


The Kielich Law Firm is centrally located in the Dallas and Fort Worth area in Bedford, Texas near DFW Airport. Although the law firm is on the east side of Tarrant County, this location allows clients on both sides of the Dallas-Fort Worth area easy access to his office. The Kielich Law Firm is conveniently located in Bedford, Texas at the intersection of highways 121 and 183. The Kielich Law Firm has family law and employment law clients across the DFW area including Dallas, Fort Worth, Arlington, Irving, Plano and Denton.

Start today solving your employment law or family law problem. Contact The Kielich Law Firm by calling 817.857.1123 or completing the contact form at the bottom of this page. Do not wait to contact Dallas employment lawyer and Fort Worth divorce attorney Adam Kielich about your problems in Texas. The sooner you contact employment lawyers or divorce lawyers about your legal problems the sooner you can start working towards a resolution.

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Get to Know Attorney Adam Kielich

Adam Kielich is a Fort Worth and Dallas, Texas employment attorney and divorce lawyer who helps a wide range of clients solve problems. Adam understands the harmful and potentially lifelong consequences of a bad divorce, wrongful termination, employment discrimination or other family and employment law problem. That’s why Dallas and Fort Worth lawyer Adam Kielich will fight to protect your rights and demand justice.

Your case might involve a one-on-one divorce, a dispute with a small business, or a fight against a global corporation. No defendant is too big or too powerful for justice. Divorce lawyer and employment lawyer Adam Kielich has litigiated against major corporations including international banks, Wall Street financial firms, major hospitals, public universities, major retailers, oil companies and some of the largest insurance companies operating in Texas.

Attorney Adam Kielich understands you could pick from many Dallas, Texas or Fort Worth, Texas employment lawyers or divorce lawyers. You need somebody who cares about your situation and works with you to deliver results. Contact The Kielich Law Firm in Bedford, Texas at 817.857.1123 or completing the contact form.

Texas lawyer Adam Kielich is a member of the State Bar of Texas, Tarrant County Bar Association and the Dallas Bar Association. He is licensed to practice in all state courts of Texas and the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Texas.

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Employment Lawyer and Family Lawyer for Dallas and Fort Worth, Texas

Dallas Employment Lawyer for Your Rights at Work

Texas employment lawyer Adam Kielich understands that an unlawful employment action isn’t just a bad day on the job. It can have irreversible and lifelong harmful effects on the financial well-being of your family. You have the right to be paid for your work. You have the right to work in a job with a basic level of fairness and respect. When your employer violates labor laws in Texas you have the right to stand up and demand justice. Dallas and Fort Worth employment attorney Adam Kielich at The Kielich Law Firm can be your advocate and help you maneuver the Texas court system to protect your rights. Contact employment attorney Adam Kielich now to discuss your case.

Dallas Employment Lawyer for Wrongful Termination


Dallas and Fort Worth, Texas employment lawyers like Adam Kielich represent clients in wrongful termination claims in Texas. He is a wrongful termination lawyer in Dallas and Fort Worth. Wrongful termination happens when your employer fires you in violation of employment and labor laws. Texas follows the at-will employment doctrine. Your employer can fire you for almost any reason but there are limits. Employment laws prohibit employers from firing you for specific reasons. Unlawful employment discrimination is a common reason employers unlawfully fire employees. Employers cannot fire you for complaining about illegal wage and overtime pay practices or in retaliation for participating in a discrimination investigation. If you believe you suffered a wrongful termination then contact employment attorney Adam Kielich right away.

If your employer unlawfully fires you then you should speak with Fort Worth and Dallas, Texas employment lawyers immediately. Wrongful termination, sometimes called wrongful discharge, is a powerful claim under Texas and federal law. You can recover lost wages, other financial losses and attorney’s fees. Employment attorneys in Dallas and Fort Worth like Adam Kielich fight for employees in wrongful termination lawsuits. He is a wrongful termination lawyer you can trust. Contact Fort Worth and Dallas, Texas employment attorney Adam Kielich now about your wrongful termination claim.

Fort Worth and Dallas Employment Lawyer for Employment Discrimination


Texas employment attorney Adam Kielich also represents clients in employment discrimination lawsuits. Employment discrimination happens when an employer treats an employee less favorably on a protected status. Protected statuses include race, sex, age (over forty), disability, national origin and religion. Employment discrimination is unlawful under federal and Texas law. Employment discrimination claims include wrongful termination, hiring and promotion, pay and benefits, and harassment or hostile work environment. Disability discrimination and religious discrimination also include failure to accommodate for reasonable accommodations. Employment discrimination claims allow you to recover lost wages, punitive damages and fees for Fort Worth and Dallas employment discrimination lawyers. If you believe your employer discriminated against you in the Dallas and Fort Worth area then contact employment attorney Adam Kielich right away. Many employment discrimination claims require you to act fast to pursue your case.

Employment discrimination lawsuits follow a unique process. Employees cannot file a lawsuit directly into Texas or federal courts. First an administrative complaint must be made with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) or Texas Workforce Commission (TWC). The EEOC or TWC will investigate the charge of discrimination. The agency must issue a right to sue notice. Then the employee has a limited amount of time to file a lawsuit in court. People may look for EEOC lawyers in Dallas or Fort Worth at this time. You should begin working with Dallas, Texas employment lawyers before filing with the EEOC or TWC. Whatever complaints are made to the EEOC or TWC will limit what you can do in a lawsuit. It is important to get the administrative complaint right. Dallas employment lawyer Adam Kielich can help you maneuver this process towards an employment discrimination lawsuit.

Dallas and Fort Worth Employment Attorney for FMLA


FMLA is the Family and Medical Leave Act. FMLA protects an employee’s right to medical leave for a serious medical condition of the employee or a family member. Under FMLA an employee may take up to twelve weeks in a twelve month period with the right to return to the same or similar position. Many employers do not understand the law’s requirements. Some employers dislike FMLA and choose to violate it. Employers may wrongfully terminate employees for taking FMLA, create a hostile work environment for taking FMLA or even just requesting it and reducing pay or raises for taking FMLA leave.

These FMLA violations give employees valid claims against the employer. An employee can recover lost wages, liquidated damages and attorney’s fees under FMLA. Fort Worth and Dallas, Texas employment attorney Adam Kielich represents clients in FMLA claims and can help you protect your job. Employment lawyers help clients protect their employee rights under FMLA. Contact employment lawyer Adam Kielich at The Kielich Law Firm about your FMLA claims.

Challenges for Texas FMLA lawsuits


The Family Medical Leave Act is an extremely technical law and this creates problems. Employees have specific responsibilities when requesting FMLA leave. Medical leave under the FMLA is only for serious medical conditions, a specific term under the law. FMLA leave is only available for employees and certain family members.

Employers also have specific duties when an employee requests FMLA leave. They must respond to the request within a limited period of time. The employer must approve leave if it meets the requirements of the law. Employers are limited in how it interacts with the employee while on leave. The employer must return the employee to the same or similar position after FMLA leave ends. The employer cannot retaliate or harass the employee for taking leave. Any small failure to follow FMLA by the employer can create a claim. FMLA rules are complicated and you should consider working with a Dallas employment lawyer on any FMLA claims.

If you have problems requesting FMLA leave or once you have taken FMLA then you should contact Fort Worth and Dallas, Texas employment lawyer Adam Kielich right away to discuss your situation.

Overtime Pay, Wage and Benefits Claims in Dallas and Fort Worth, Texas


Labor lawyer Adam Kielich represents employees in overtime pay, wage and benefits claims. Under the Fair Labor Standards Act and Texas Payday Law, non-exempt employees are entitled to minimum wage for each hour worked and overtime pay for each hour worked over forty hours in a workweek. Overtime pay can be substantial wages. Employers don’t want to pay it. Employees deserve payment for work. Employers try to avoid paying overtime pay in Dallas and Fort Worth through a number of schemes. You are entitled to overtime pay if you are nonexempt and work more than forty hours in a workweek.

Claims for unpaid wages and unpaid overtime pay entitle an employee to the unpaid wages, liquidated damages doubling the wage amount and attorney’s fees. If you believe you have a claim for unpaid wages or unpaid overtime in Dallas or Fort Worth then contact Dallas employment lawyer Adam Kielich today.

Employment benefits like 401k plans, pensions and insurance are protected by law. Federal employment law ERISA protects most benefit plans. ERISA and similar benefit laws require your employer to operate the benefit plan fairly and in the interest of employees. These laws protect your benefits from theft by the employer and from retaliation for exercising your rights under the plan. ERISA claims range in recovery and include attorney’s fees. Dallas and Fort Worth, Texas employment lawyer Adam Kielich has a decade of experience working in the benefits industry and understands how to protect your rights to your health insurance and retirement plans. Contact The Kielich Law Firm now to discuss your employee benefits problem with Texas employment attorney Adam Kielich.

Learn More about How Texas Employment Lawyer Adam Kielich and The Kielich Law Firm Can Help You


Fort Worth and Dallas employees have the right to protect their jobs and their pay from unlawful employment acts. Many people feel they have to deal with an illegal employment situation or there are no options to stop unlawful activity. This is not right. You have options. You may feel like your employer has more employment lawyers or more money to spend on employment lawyers. That may be true but that does not mean your employer’s actions were legal, justified, or will be upheld in court. Employment lawyers like Adam Kielich fight for clients every day against the wrongful acts of employers.

Click on the button below to learn more about how Fort Worth and Dallas employment attorney Adam Kielich can help you or contact The Kielich Law Firm at 817.857.1123 or by completing the contact form below.

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Family Law and Divorce Lawyer for Your Rights at Home

Fort Worth divorce lawyer Adam Kielich understands famiy law problems are emotionally charged and complicated problems. It’s never easy to have divorce lawyers and judges deciding the fate of your family. They can be expensive, long and complicated battles. Most family law situations involve divorces but once the divorce is over there may be ongoing issues. These include custody, child support, modifications and lingering property division issues. You may deal with a Fort Worth divorce lawyer for almost twenty years. That’s why you need a divorce attorney who is smart, trustworthy and forward thinking. Even if your divorce is simple you want somebody on your side who is thinking about your future. Before considering hiring divorce lawyers you should ask yourself whether you are ready to have a long term relationship with these lawyers.

Fort Worth Divorces in Tarrant County


Fort Worth divorce lawyer Adam Kielich helps clients with divorce in Fort Worth from his Bedford law firm. Although The Kielich Law Firm is located in Bedford and enjoys clients in the mid-cities (Hurst, Euless, Bedford, Arlington, Grapevine, North Richland Hills), Fort Worth divorce lawyer Adam Kielich serves clients in Fort Worth and across Tarrant County and Dallas County. Bedford divorce attorney Adam Kielich practices in the same courts and the same family law as all other Fort Worth divorce lawyers in Tarrant County.

Divorce is a process of taking a family and marital estate as a single entity and dividing it into to separate parts. The major issues in this separation are property division and custody. Divorces in Fort Worth may range from a small amount of assets and simple custody issues to high net worth divorces and complicated custody issues. No two divorces are exactly the same. No two families are exactly the same.

You will work side by side with your divorce lawyer in Fort Worth to accomplish the goals in your divorce. These goals should not be to emotionally attack your spouse or litigate the problems in the past. Instead the divorce goals should include redesigning the co-parenting relationship through custody and child support orders to create stable relationships and a positive environment for the children. It also should include a property division that aims for financial stability during and after the divorce. Bedford and Fort Worth divorce lawyer Adam Kielich believes thinking of divorce as the beginning of a new chapter in life rather than tearing down and ending the last chapter is better for his clients.

Dallas and Fort Worth Divorce Lawyer for Uncontested Divorce in Texas


Uncontested divorce, also known as agreed divorce, is a divorce in which the spouses have agreed to all the terms of the divorce. Uncontested divorce clients are normally looking for flat fee uncontested divorce services and affordable Fort Worth divorce lawyers to help work through the courts. Fort Worth divorce lawyer Adam Kielich offers flat fees for uncontested divorce in Fort Worth and Dallas. The role of Fort Worth divorce lawyers in an uncontested divorce is two-fold. First, the divorce attorney is responsible for steering the divorce through the Tarrant County or Dallas County family courts to ensure the divorce process unfolds smoothly. Second, Fort Worth divorce lawyers are responsible for translating the agreement into a divorce decree that accurately represents the agreement. An uncontested divorce in Texas will go much smoother with the help of family law attorneys.

Uncontested divorce is not right for all divorces. Divorces with complex assets or debts usually require a lot of work to untangle. Marriages with abuse typically are not good candidates for uncontested divorce because the agreement is probably not voluntary. Divorces in which one or both spouses do not understand the assets or debts in the marital estate may not be right for an uncontested divorce because the parties do not truly understand the agreement. During a consultation at the Bedford law office, Fort Worth divorce lawyer Adam Kielich will discuss these issues with you and help you determine what is the right course for you and your future.

Qualified Domestic Relations Orders and QDRO Lawyer


Qualified domestic relations orders–known as QDROs–are special orders that divide certain retirement accounts. QDROs divide retirement plans covered by the federal law ERISA. These include 401k plans, ESOPs, most pension plans and 403b plans. QDROs are unique under family law due to benefit protections under ERISA. A QDRO requires specific language from the family law court to apply to the plan. It must properly describe the plan, the account and how to split benefits. Any defect in the language could allow the plan administrator to ignore the QDRO. Fixing a QDRO down the road can be a long and unpleasant challenge. That is why you should work with QDRO lawyer Adam Kielich to draft your QDRO for a divorce or support order.

Fort Worth divorce lawyer Adam Kielich has a decade of experience in the benefits industry. He understands how to draft QDROs to maximize your benefits under the plan and ensure a smooth process. He understands plan administrators and how they deal with QDROs from the employer’s side. As a QDRO lawyer he offers flat fee QDRO drafting services and can litigate QDRO claims in Texas and federal courts.

Fort Worth Family Law Attorney for Modification and Enforcement


A custody or child support order is a powerful tool but may not resolve all of your future issues. Over time situations change after a divorce or other family law proceeding and it may be necessary to modify the terms of the possession schedule, custody or child support. Income changes, parents move, parents remarry and children have evolving interests. These life events often cause existing court orders to become unreasonable or less than ideal for the children. The solution is to return to court and modify those orders. Modifying orders can be long and difficult but it doesn’t have to be that way.

On the other hand, your divorce decree may be effective but the other party to the order refuses to comply. This happens sometimes with custody or possession but most often involves child support. You have the right to return to court and enforce the order. Child support enforcement and custody enforcement can carry severe penalties up to payment of attorney’s fees and jail. Fort Worth divorce lawyer Adam Kielich and The Kielich Law Firm helps clients resolve these modifications.

Fort Worth Divorce Lawyer Adam Kielich Can Help Solve Your Problems


Fort Worth divorce lawyer Adam Kielich can help solve your family law problem whether you are just getting started on your divorce or dealing with your next enforcement. Learn more about how The Kielich Law Firm can solve your family law problem by clicking the button. Contact the Bedford law office at 817.857.1123 or complete the contact form at the bottom of the page to start right now.

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