Bedford Divorce Lawyer on Uncontested Divorces

Uncontested divorce or no contest divorce in Tarrant County and Dallas County is a divorce in which the spouses have agreed to all the major issues in the divorce, including property division, custody and child support. An uncontested divorce costs the same money to file in the family courts in Tarrant County, Dallas County and surrounding counties as a contested divorce. An uncontested divorce is not always best in every situation but there are some situations where an uncontested divorce is a good idea:

1. The issues in the divorce are simple

2. The divorce does not dissolve into a destructive fight

3. Parents did not stick children in the middle of a nasty custody battle

4. Lower attorney fees for divorce

5. The property can be divided based upon what is fair for both spouses with an expensive process

6. A custody agreement has a better chance of producing a healthy co-parenting relationship

7. The divorce is usually faster than a contested divorce

8. Nobody tries to win the divorce

An agreed divorce is not always the best option just because there is an agreement but if the agreement is fair and both sides freely reached an agreement then it may produce the same or even better results than a contested divorce. The best way to know for sure is to work with a divorce lawyer who works with clients on uncontested divorces who can assess whether the agreement is fair.

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