Can my employer monitor my emails? Phone calls? Texts? Computer activity? Website history?

Generally yes. In Fort Worth and Dallas your employer pays for your time and pays for the resources you use at the office (that they own). As a result, employment laws afford private employers wide latitude in what they can record, monitor, read, copy, etc. That said, employers often do have valid reasons. There are very few laws restricting what employers can monitor and record in the workplace in Texas. Fort Worth and Dallas employer access to electronic communications Employers can – and frequently do – record and access many forms of employee communications. This includes emails, phone calls on business phones, documents...

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Can I sue if I am injured on vacation? Consumer Attorney explains

There are a lot of factors to consider. Vacation-related injuries can be challenging to resolve but that does not mean you cannot recover. If you vacation in Texas and suffer injury, you may have the ability to recover for your injuries in a Texas court. You may need to consult with an attorney in the state (or country) where you live. However, if you are a Texas resident injured in another state or country, you have a greater chance to recover in Texas courts with an attorney in Dallas, Fort Worth, or Bedford. Issues with vacation claims in Dallas and Fort Worth The problem...

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Can I sue my employer for defamation in Fort Worth? Fort Worth employment lawyer answers

Under Texas law, employment defamation occurs when your employer tells other people false information regarding your employment. Often this happens when an employer terminates an employee and tells future potential employers false reasons for termination. Employers can disclose negative information about an employee (within limits) if the information is true. Defamation occurs when the information is false. Fort Worth and Dallas employers' rights to report information about employees under Texas law An employer reports false information regarding a termination when it simply makes up information why the employment ended. False information spreads the employer conducts an incomplete investigation and repeats inaccurate information. Even if the employer truly...

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Can I use my 401k to buy a business, franchise, house, investment property, etc.? Texas QDRO lawyer explains

There are many retirement asset-funded investment and business schemes that run from taking loans to “rollover as business startup” (ROBS) plans. They have been around for many years and typically they are generally a bad idea. I discourage most would-be investors due to the legal and financial liability involved. I have had people come to my law firm from Fort Worth and Dallas looking for information about these types of 401k plans and as a Fort Worth employment lawyer I rarely find these plans a good idea. What are 401k rollover as business startup plans in Dallas-Fort Worth? These plans are concocted by financial...

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Can I sue my spouse during a divorce? A Bedford divorce attorney answers

Yes, in a Tarrant County divorce you can sue your spouse during your divorce in Bedford, Fort Worth or Dallas. Actually in Texas to file certain causes of action you must file them along with your divorce. If you do not file those claims during the divorce you may be unable at a later time. These technical procedural rules are understood by a Fort Worth divorce lawyer like Adam Kielich who can help you with your divorce in Fort Worth or Dallas. Is it a good idea to sue your spouse for other claims during your Fort Worth, Bedford, or Dallas divorce with...

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