Can I sue my spouse during a divorce? A Bedford divorce attorney answers

Yes, in a Tarrant County divorce you can sue your spouse during your divorce in Bedford, Fort Worth or Dallas. Actually in Texas to file certain causes of action you must file them along with your divorce. If you do not file those claims during the divorce you may be unable at a later time. These technical procedural rules are understood by a Fort Worth divorce lawyer like Adam Kielich who can help you with your divorce in Fort Worth or Dallas.

Is it a good idea to sue your spouse for other claims during your Fort Worth, Bedford, or Dallas divorce with an attorney?

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Often it does not make sense for spouses to sue each other. However, in some situations it can make sense. In the vast majority of divorces the family law-related claims under the Texas Family Code will address the potential awards from filing other types of civil claims in your divorce. Of course, if your divorce is uncontested bringing other claims into the divorce will likely change that. Sometimes mediation can bring out and resolve these civil claims without having to file them. See this video from Fort Worth divorce lawyer Adam Kielich for more discussion about mediation in divorce:

What kind of Bedford divorce attorney do I need?

The benefit of a lawyer that understands both family law and personal injury law is having an attorney that can properly assess your situation. Some Fort Worth and Dallas claims involve issues in the divorce and do not require separate claims. When other claims are necessary it often involves highly technical issues. These include business ownership, retirement plans, real estate, valuable property and so forth. You put these resources at risk by not involving a Fort Worth or Bedford divorce attorney to pursue these claims.

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