Can my Fort Worth or Dallas employer make me take vacation paid time off on certain days?

Unless you work under an employment contract or a collective bargaining agreement that says otherwise, in Fort Worth or Dallas your employer is free to limit the days you can take vacation or other paid time off. They can even require you to take days off using your paid time off. It is common for Texas employers to limit employees from vacation during certain times of the year due to business needs or high levels of competition for vacation days. It is less common to see employers requiring employees to take paid time off. Nevertheless, employers can require taking vacation or other forms of paid time off under federal and Texas law.

Vacation pay issues in Dallas and Fort Worth, Texas

Sometimes employers will shut down some or all of the work site on a regular business day. Then it will require employees to use vacation time or other forms of PTO to obtain their pay. The shut down may be due to slow business or a physical impairment to the work site. It may seem unfair that your employer can prevent you from performing your job AND burn a vacation day. This is very clearly permitted by the federal Fair Labor Standards Act through Department of Labor guidance.

Schedule a consultation with an employment lawyer in Dallas and Fort Worth, Texas

If you believe your employer may have wrongfully denied benefits or pay due to you from your employment then you should speak with an employment lawyer ASAP. Your employment lawyer can review your situation during the consultation and help determine if you have a legal claim and what steps can help resolve that claim. Many employment law claims under Texas and federal law have short statute of limitations periods so it is important to act quickly. Visit the unpaid wage and overtime page to learn more about your employee rights in Texas and how a Dallas and Fort Worth, Texas employment lawyer can help.

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