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Expunging, Sealing and Nondisclosure Orders for Minor and Juvenile Criminal Records in Texas: Part 1

Background checks are becoming an increasingly common part of the application process for major aspects of our lives including employment, housing, credit cards, college admissions and professional licensing. This continues to be true despite efforts of civil rights agencies like the Equal Employment Opportunities Commission (EEOC) to push back on the broad use of criminal background checks. While I believe that certain criminal records can justifiably disqualify an individual from certain jobs, housing and so forth, the broad use of criminal records easily results in people going to the bottom of the pile over unrelated offenses, often even when the...

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Super lawyers, rising stars, best lawyers and other attorney advertising in Texas

Super Lawyers is a division of Thompson Reuters, a private mass media and information business. People searching for lawyers or attorneys almost certainly will see law firms advertising Super Lawyers designations. These include Super Lawyers and Super Lawyers Rising Stars. People searching for lawyers may be impressed by this designation although they don't really know what it means. After all, it sounds...

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Dallas employment lawyers with free consultations?

Dallas employment lawyers sometimes offer free consultations in their Dallas, Texas law firms. Most of the well-known employment attorneys in Dallas and Fort Worth do not offer free consultations. They may charge a fee of $75-300. Some lawyers offer free consultations but these may be personal injury lawyers or other trial attorneys who take on all types of cases. While many of these attorneys are excellent lawyers, they may not have expertise in employment law. Employment lawsuits like wrongful termination, employment discrimination and FMLA claims are very technical. Not having expertise as a Dallas employment lawyer can be harmful to...

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Are EEOC complaints confidential in Texas? Dallas employment lawyer explains

Employees suffering employment discrimination often worry about the effects of reporting employment discrimination to the EEOC. This is especially true for employees who still work at the job where discrimination occurs. Retaliation for complaining about employment discrimination is a real and serious concern. This concern may lead workers to not contact the EEOC or an employment lawyer in Dallas or Fort Worth who can investigate and take action to protect the employee from employment discrimination and retaliation. Today's post discusses how information shared with the EEOC (or the Texas Workforce Commission) is protected and what is shared with the employer. Initial...

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Severance and Texas unemployment benefits: Can I take both? Fort Worth unpaid wages lawyer explains

Dallas and Fort Worth employees often question the relationship between severance pay and unemployment benefits through the Texas Workforce Commission. Workers often think if they accept severance pay they are automatically ineligible for unemployment benefits in Texas. That is incorrect. The terms of the severance agreement determine whether you can receive severance and unemployment pay in Texas. When in doubt, talk to Dallas or Fort Worth employment lawyer Adam Kielich about your situation. Basic rules for Texas Workforce Commission unemployment benefits and severance pay Unemployment benefits from the Texas Workforce Commission are available to Dallas and Fort Worth employees who lost their job...

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Hiring a Dallas employment attorney for FMLA claims in Texas

FMLA, the Family Medical Leave Act, is an important piece of legislation to protect an employee's right to medical leave at many employers. FMLA contains a range of technical requirements to ensure employers comply with the protected medical leave. When an employer fails to meet these technical requirements and abuses the employee for invoking FMLA the employee can run into problems. Employers retaliate and interfere with FMLA rights. This can result in demotions, pay cuts, loss of benefits, wrongful termination and other employment consequences. When this occurs, you should contact a Dallas employment attorney like Adam Kielich to help you...

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Can I be fired for discussing politics at work? Dallas Employment Attorney Adam Kielich Explains

Dallas and Fort Worth employees have good reason to worry about how the polarized political climate may affect their jobs. Certainly changes in employment laws could have a meaningful change to employment in Texas. These could occur in changes to: civil rights protections for gay and transgender employees; minimum wage and overtime pay regulations; investment adviser fiduciary duties to retirement plans; protections against retaliation for social media activity under labor laws; reduced OSHA oversight; and changes to the ACA health care laws. Beyond these changes, Dallas and Fort Worth employees may face job problems merely for discussing political issues at work. If...

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Can my Texas employer fire me for doing what my manager told me to do?

Here's a tricky situation: you follow a specific instruction from your manager or a company policy. Then your employer fires you. Can this happen for following orders? Unfortunately, in most cases the answer: yes. Seems bizarre--and it is--but this is the nature of the at-will employment relationship. In an at-will employment relationship the employer can discipline an employee, up to termination, for a bad reason--even no reason at all. The employer can fire you for doing exactly what it instructed you to do. This is among the most glaring proof that the at-will employment relationship is a legal fiction. Texas law treats the at-will employment relationship...

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Just been fired? Apply for unemployment benefits in Texas

If you are fired (aka discharged, terminated) from your job then one of your first acts in almost all cases should be to apply for unemployment benefits. Applying for unemployment benefits through the Texas Workforce Commission is free so even if denied benefits you have only lost the time applying. This is true even if your employer believes it had a legitimate reason to fire you. The TWC has specific standards for awarding unemployment benefits. The employer's reason for terminating your employment may not meet those standards. Sometimes employers do not defend against an unemployment benefit application. You can receive benefits...

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Dallas Employment Attorney’s 10 Signs You Should Not Take That Job

In a tough job market it's always difficult to turn down a job but sometimes the company culture is so toxic or the boss is so insufferable that it's more harmful to your health and career than the benefit of the paycheck. Of course, that's an easy thing to say when you have a paycheck. Many people go into bad jobs only to quickly find themselves wrongfully terminated or find the job insufferable. It's far better to identify those bad employment opportunities before you commit and forego other job opportunities. I worked a number of jobs before becoming an employment attorney and...

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