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Non-compete agreements and independent contractors: Fort Worth employment lawyer

Texas is no exception to companies hiring employees as "independent contractors" to skilled positions. Sometimes companies legitimately hire independent contractors to perform specific tasks that they cannot or prefer not to perform in-house. This combination of uses for independent contractors has led to an ever-growing subset of workers outside the traditional employer-employee relationship. The employer-independent contractor relationship opens different types of legal liabilities than the employer-employee relationship. The independent contractor works under a contract that is subject to all the trappings of traditional contract law. Additionally, the employer is also at risk of treating the independent contractor too much like an employee and the...

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What is moral turpitude under Texas state law? Dallas and Fort Worth employment lawyer answers

Moral turpitude is an old legal term that simply means depraved or immoral. It most commonly includes particular crimes, as in crimes of moral turpitude. The phrase has mostly been abandoned as we transitioned away from a moral-based legal system to a rights-based legal system. Crimes of moral turpitude are crimes of depravity. These include crimes of fraud, reckless behavior or creating an unjustified risk to the life and safety of others. Employment lawyers in Texas help clients with these issues in employment law settings. Contract issues with moral turpitude in Texas This phrase often makes its way into employment contracts as a condition...

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