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EEOC employment lawyers busy this month on employment discrimination

EEOC lawyers have had a busy September starting and settling employment discrimination lawsuits. The EEOC accepts charges of employment discrimination in Fort Worth and Dallas at the Dallas, Texas office. Employment lawyers in Fort Worth and Dallas represent employees in these types of employment discrimination lawsuits. The following is just the listing of the EEOC activity reported in the last ten days. This is a large number of cases for the employment discrimination agency. Although these are not all Texas employment discrimination cases, they reflect the larger activities of the EEOC. A review of these employment discrimination lawsuits by the EEOC...

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Are EEOC complaints confidential in Texas? Dallas employment lawyer explains

Employees suffering employment discrimination often worry about the effects of reporting employment discrimination to the EEOC. This is especially true for employees who still work at the job where discrimination occurs. Retaliation for complaining about employment discrimination is a real and serious concern. This concern may lead workers to not contact the EEOC or an employment lawyer in Dallas or Fort Worth who can investigate and take action to protect the employee from employment discrimination and retaliation. Today's post discusses how information shared with the EEOC (or the Texas Workforce Commission) is protected and what is shared with the employer. Initial...

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Can my Texas employer fire me for doing what my manager told me to do?

Here's a tricky situation: you follow a specific instruction from your manager or a company policy. Then your employer fires you. Can this happen for following orders? Unfortunately, in most cases the answer: yes. Seems bizarre--and it is--but this is the nature of the at-will employment relationship. In an at-will employment relationship the employer can discipline an employee, up to termination, for a bad reason--even no reason at all. The employer can fire you for doing exactly what it instructed you to do. This is among the most glaring proof that the at-will employment relationship is a legal fiction. Texas law treats the at-will employment relationship...

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What is the statute of limitations to sue an employer in Texas? Fort Worth employment attorney explains

In Texas an employment lawsuit may arise under a combination of federal, state and local laws. This is true whether the lawsuit is for wrongful discharge, pay or benefits issues, discrimination, FMLA, or other employment claims. All forms of employment claims carry a limitations period. The statute of limitations is not universal for each of these claims. Technical procedural rules may determine the calculation of the statute of limitations to a particular employment claim. The best thing to do if you believe you have an employment claim is to contact Texas employment lawyers. Today's post will discuss some of the limitations periods for common employment claims. Wage/Pay/Compensation...

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Can you count on the EEOC to file a lawsuit for you in Texas? Fort Worth employment lawyer discusses

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) released its 2014 performance report recently with some disappointing results about how charges of discrimination (the employment discrimination complaints filed with the EEOC) resolve. Of the 88,778 private sector charges filed the EEOC "resolved" 87,442 of those charges. That does not mean a favorable result occurred for the charging party. It just means the EEOC decided whether there was probable cause to say unlawful discrimination occurred. Out of the 87,442 charges resolved, the EEOC mediated 10,221 charges and resolved 7,846 by mediation. However, just 133 charges resulted in litigation filed by the EEOC with 105 of those...

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Can my employer disagree with my doctor’s FMLA certification in Texas?

Under the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA), eligible employees of covered employers can request up to twelve weeks of medical leave within a one year period for a serious medical condition of the employee or a family member as well as the birth or adoption of the employee's child. When the employee requests FMLA leave for a serious medical condition, the employer can request certification of the medical condition. Employers can request information about the medical condition, the need for leave, contact information for the physician among other facts. Employers may reject the certification or require additional information in limited circumstances and through specific procedures. When...

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Should I talk to an attorney before I go to the EEOC in Texas?

If you believe you are the victim of employment discrimination then in most cases you need to file a complaint with the EEOC or Texas Workforce Commission Civil Rights Division. This complaint is known as a charge of discrimination. A charge of discrimination invokes the agency's power to investigate your claims. If they find probable cause the agency may assist you with asserting your rights against the employer. Should I hire a Fort Worth or Dallas employment attorney first? People considering filing a charge of discrimination often wonder whether they should talk to an employment attorney before talking to the EEOC or TWC....

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Dallas employment attorney: Overtime pay with personal leave

Overtime rules under the Fair Labor Standards Act and Texas Payday Law result in  improper wage calculations in employment law. Some employers engage in illegal acts to avoid paying overtime. Many fail to fully understand when they must pay overtime and how the calculation of overtime pay must occur. (For a primer on overtime pay, visit this blog post.) Even well-meaning employers underpay employees by failing to understand the overtime provisions of the FLSA and Texas Payday Law. It is not a defense to an unpaid overtime pay claim that the employer meant to pay what it owed. If you believe...

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Dallas woman wins appeal on retaliation claim for complaining about sexual harassment

This Dallas employment retaliation case is best summed up in three letters: WTF? Not only are the facts of the case full of WTF; but the decision of our federal District of Northern Texas keeps up with the conduct of the alleged harassers. The lawsuit Royal v. CCC&R Tres Arboles, L.L.C. is a local Dallas decision on a significant legal issue for Texas employment attorneys. Just read this and see how long it takes before your WTF meter reaches overload. If you feel you have a similar situation then you should contact a Texas employment lawyer right away. The facts (according to Ms. Royal) The facts of...

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I think I am being discriminated against at work what should I do? Dallas employment lawyer explains

If you believe you are being subjected to an illegal form of employment discrimination then you need to act quickly to preserve your claims. If you find that your workplace situation appears to fall into one or more of the types of prohibited discrimination then you should take the following steps: Dallas employment lawyer on employment discrimination Take notes of everything that happened at work that you believe may be part of the discrimination. Note the time, date and individuals involved in each event. You may vividly remember the discriminatory acts today but months down the road your memory may be imperfect. The...

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