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Expunging, Sealing and Nondisclosure Orders for Minor and Juvenile Criminal Records in Texas: Part 1

Background checks are becoming an increasingly common part of the application process for major aspects of our lives including employment, housing, credit cards, college admissions and professional licensing. This continues to be true despite efforts of civil rights agencies like the Equal Employment Opportunities Commission (EEOC) to push back on the broad use of criminal background checks. While I believe that certain criminal records can justifiably disqualify an individual from certain jobs, housing and so forth, the broad use of criminal records easily results in people going to the bottom of the pile over unrelated offenses, often even when the...

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Challenges of custody modifications without a lawyer in Dallas and Tarrant County, Texas

Custody modifications in Dallas County, Tarrant County and other parts of Texas are a natural function of lives changing after a divorce or suit affecting the parent-child relationship (SAPCR). The children grow up and develop different interests and relationships. The parents find new relationships and see other changes in employment, homes, etc. Custody orders often become unworkable through these changes and it becomes necessary to return to court to modify the orders. Custody modifications can be far more difficult than the original divorce or SAPCR for many reasons. Hiring a custody modification lawyer or other other family law attorney in Fort...

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Interview with Fort Worth Divorce Attorney Adam Kielich on Divorce

Adam Kielich is a Fort Worth divorce attorney and managing attorney at The Kielich Law Firm in Bedford, Texas. This is an adaptation of an interview provided for a local journalism program researching the Tarrant County legal system. This research includes the affordability of legal counsel, the efficiency of the courts and overall fairness in the legal system. The program does not focus exclusively on family law issues but due to the prevalence of divorce in Tarrant County it will play a larger role in the research. This version of the interview should not be considered a transcript of the actual...

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Do I hate 50/50 custody in Texas? Apparently some people think I do…

Periodically I get saucy emails about my blog posts on 50/50 custody arrangements in a Texas divorce and have reached the conclusion that I deeply oppose 50/50 custody. I mean, I guess this is what they think. There's a lot of vitriol to spread around to a divorce attorney so it's not always apparent why somebody decides to send me hate mail. Often the emails are late night, foul language attacks like the following received over the past weekend. This is a real email and complete email with censored language: youre full of s**t. i grew up with 50 50 and thank...

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The 323rd District Court in Fort Worth, Texas with Fort Worth divorce lawyer Adam Kielich

The 323rd district court in Fort Worth handles family law cases and juvenile criminal cases. Although it is a family law court it does not hear divorces or other private family disputes. Instead it handles CPS and other child welfare disputes in Tarrant County. The 323rd district court might be most well known for the affluenza case. If CPS is involved in your custody or parenting relationship with your children then it is probable that any legal proceedings will be before the 323rd and not one of the family law district courts in downtown Fort Worth. The 323rd district court is in North Fort...

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Bedford Divorce Attorney explains: What is “full custody” in a Texas divorce?

"Full custody" gets thrown around in the midst of a divorce or other child custody proceeding between parents. Nobody knows what it actually means for the children or parents. TV and movies use the phrase constantly to describe divorced parents. We don't really know what it means other than one parent gets a lot more custody than the other. An unscientific poll of non-lawyers produced responses that ranged from "no idea" to "one parent never sees the kids" to various specific custodial arrangements. Alright, so what does Texas family law mean by full custody? It means nothing. The Texas Family Code never uses the...

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Fort Worth Uncontested Divorce and Prioritizing the Children: Fort Worth uncontested divorce lawyer

Uncontested divorce typically means the spouses agreed to the issues in the divorce rather than have the court decide how to divide property and how to address child issues--custody and child support. In the uncontested divorce the spouses have made decisions about the co-parenting relationship after the divorce. It can be easy in an uncontested divorce to just agree to whatever custodial arrangement or possession schedule both spouses can agree to accept. That agreement may not be best for the children. As a divorce attorney who helps a lot of people with uncontested divorces in the Dallas and Fort Worth area from my...

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What happens when 50/50 custody fails in Dallas or Fort Worth, Texas?

Many parents in a divorce are able to work out a custody schedule that balances time between the parents more fairly than the standard possession order. These schedules are often a 50/50 schedule with equal time between the parents or something similar. These arrangements are great when they work. They require a high level of cooperation which makes it more likely that there is a healthy co-parenting relationship and the children have healthy relationships with both parents. That, unfortunately, is the double edged sword in 50/50 custody arrangements. When the cooperation and healthy co-parenting relationship crumbles that 50/50 possession schedule stops...

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What is visitation in a Tarrant County Divorce?

Under the Texas Family Code a family court must order a possession schedule for parents when a suit for divorce with kids is granted or when the court issues an order in other suits affecting the parent-child relationship. The court order often will address other issues involving the children, such as conservator rights of the parents, child support and access by other family members to the kids. In the possession schedule the court will address the access and possession rights to the children. These access and possession rights are typically discussed together as visitation although they are two separate and...

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Should I ask for child support in my Texas divorce? Fort Worth divorce lawyer explains

Sometimes in a Fort Worth, Dallas, or Bedford divorce with kids the parent with primary custody of the children considers declining child support from the other parent. I am generally of the opinion that each parent should provide financially for the children. In most custody situations there is one parent providing most of the care and basic needs of the kids with the other parent providing far less direct support to the needs of the children. Effect of child support on a divorce in Fort Worth, Bedford and Dallas Child support payments balance the total financial support of the kids by ensuring both parents...

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