Bigamy, Texas marriages and the Texas Family Code by Bedford divorce attorney Adam Kielich

Talk about bigamy today and you might find yourself in the middle of a debate about the long term results of the Supreme Court declaring DOMA unconstitutional; but bigamy is a problem for Texas marriages outside of the DOMA issue. Under the Texas Family Code an individual can have only one spouse and all other marriages are void. The Texas Criminal Code also makes bigamy a criminal offense in the state. Bigamy can and does occur in Texas in several situations. There is a history of employees migrating around Texas entering into common law marriages although they have formal marriages elsewhere....

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How can I become emancipated in Texas?

Emancipation is the dream of many teenagers; the freedom from the controls of parents is alluring. The Texas Family Code permits emancipation in limited circumstances. It is important to understand, if you are a minor seeking emancipation, the risks of that decision. I’ll discuss the permitted reasons for emancipation, the process involved and the risks minors take upon emancipation. If you are serious about emancipation in Dallas or Fort Worth then you should speak with a divorce attorney. The Effect of Emancipation in Texas Emancipation, in Texas, has several effects on the minor. The minor obtains the power to make and bind...

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