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Child support payments not paid through the Attorney General: Fort Worth child support lawyer

A common mistake child support obligors make is paying child support payments directly to the obligee-parent rather than to the Texas Attorney General's State Disbursement Unit (SDU). This mistake can be costly for the obligor even if the obligor believes he or she can pay less by making child support payments directly to the other parent. Today's post will discuss: why child support payments must go to the SDU; how obligors end up not making payments directly to the SDU; the financial implications of not paying child support directly to the SDU; and what to do if you have been paying child...

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If my spouse has a protective order against me but she invites me over can I go without getting arrested? Fort Worth divorce lawyer explains

No. In Texas, protective orders can issue from family courts in divorce suits and child custody actions (suits affecting the parent-child relationship or SAPCR). In these cases, protective orders are commonly issued to prevent somebody from visiting or even being within a certain distance from another person. Typically they will be issued if there are concerns about domestic violence. Although protective orders issue for other reasons, this is the primary reason Texas family courts will issue them. If you believe you have a family law situation in Texas that requires a protective order then you should contact a divorce lawyer right...

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