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Super lawyers, rising stars, best lawyers and other attorney advertising in Texas

Super Lawyers is a division of Thompson Reuters, a private mass media and information business. People searching for lawyers or attorneys almost certainly will see law firms advertising Super Lawyers designations. These include Super Lawyers and Super Lawyers Rising Stars. People searching for lawyers may be impressed by this designation although they don't really know what it means. After all, it sounds...

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What is negligent hiring? Answered by a Fort Worth employment attorney

Negligent hiring is a claim against a business for an injury caused by the company's failure to properly investigate its employees for fitness to perform the employee's job duties and that failure resulted in the employee causing the plaintiff harm in the course of the employee performing his or her job duties. There is a lot to unpack in that explanation and we will work through that in today's post. Negligent hiring is a personal injury claim against an employer for a bodily injury caused by an employee. The injury may arise from the employee's own negligence or the employee's intentional bad acts. At...

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What happens in a personal injury lawsuit? Fort Worth lawyer explains

A personal injury lawsuit in Texas is definitely not a fast process in most cases and depends upon the particular facts and even which county the injury occurred in. The speed a case can go to trial in Tarrant County can be different from Dallas County. However, the process is typically similar. Your first step should be to contact a personal injury lawyer in your area. Personal injury lawsuits in Texas The next step is to make a demand to the party that caused your injury. We will present a written explanation of your injuries and how much we would be willing to...

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