Common legal terms

Legal terminology can be confusing for many reasons. There are Latin terms, words used with special legal meaning and terms that are not used in common discussion. If you believe you have a legal claim you may be in the process of determining what it would take to resolve your claim. Or you may have hired an attorney and you want to learn more about what your attorney is doing on your case. This list is not exhaustive. There are large dictionaries full of legal terms and their special meanings to courts and attorneys. These are just a few common...

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Seven Ways Legal TV Shows Are Not Like Real Life Trials (and three they are)

Courtroom and legal television is nearly as old as television itself, dating back to classic shows like Perry Mason--but how real are they? Not very real at all. The range of courtroom comedies, drama and "reality" shows over seventy years of television cover the entire range from editorializing real events to completely ridiculous fictionalized worlds. Some legal entertainment, like documentaries and "reality" TV, may address real situations with varying degrees of editorializing to make the situations more dramatic and entertaining. Moving into outright fictional entertainment there are some shows that touch on the realities of practicing law and life as an...

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