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Dallas expunction lawyers help clients in Dallas, Texas and surrounding areas with expunctions and nondisclosure orders in Texas. Expunctions and nondisclosure orders are ways to remove certain types of criminal records from an employment background check or other background check. Employers frequently check employees’ and applicants’ background to find criminal records, financial information and other records that may raise questions about the person’s fitness for employment. The expunction and nondisclosure processes can be tricky to work out in Texas. For this reason you may want to consider hiring employment lawyers to help resolve issues in your employment background checks.

Employment lawyers and expunction in Dallas, Texas

Employment lawyers in Dallas, Texas help clients remove eligible criminal records through an expunction or nondisclosure order. Not all criminal records may be expunged or sealed but those that are eligible may benefit from taking these legal steps in Dallas, Texas. Employers perform background checks to identify possible concerns with employees for many reasons. Some jobs and industries require background checks to exclude certain convictions. These include lawyers, teachers, bankers, security guards and people who provide in-home services. Other jobs do not require exclusion of convictions but the employers may have a legitimate business reason to prefer people without certain convictions.

Additionally, Dallas, Texas employers also review background checks to find other risk concerns such as prior bankruptcies, high levels of credit card debts, a history of inconsistent debt payments and so forth. Typically these types of background checks are not mandatory for jobs but employers may still be on the lookout for problematic behaviors.

What is an expunction in Texas?

Expunctions are court orders that completely remove all records of a criminal event, from an arrest through any conviction. An expunction is only available in almost all cases if no conviction ocurred. For most people this includes arrests dismissed without any trial or plea deal. If you pled guilty or no-contest to a criminal charge then you likely cannot receive an expunction.

Nondisclosure orders seal records of a criminal event but do not destroy them. Nondisclosure orders are also court orders. To receive a nondisclosure order from a Texas court you must satisfy several requirements. The most important requirements include the court placing you on deferred adjudication for the crime and completing deferred adjudication. If the court dismisses the charge after deferred adjudication then you may be eligible.

Juvenile records are sealed similar in effect to nondisclosure orders but under a different process. These include minor alcohol crimes.

Should I hire Dallas expunction lawyers in Dallas, Texas?

Dallas expunction lawyers are familiar with the courts and laws in Dallas, Texas that affect expunctions, background checks and related issues. Although you can do your own expunction without an employment lawyer in Dallas, you should know that the party on the other side is the Dallas DA who has lawyers that specifically deal with these issues. In simple cases you may be able to maneuver the Dallas, Texas courts. However, in more difficult cases you are likely deeply outmatched by the Dallas lawyers that represent the state.

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