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Dallas employment lawyers represent clients in Fort Worth, Bedford, Arlington, Dallas and other parts of Dallas County, Texas in employment law issues including employment discrimination, wrongful termination, FMLA, 401k and pension issues, unpaid wage claims, overtime pay, harassment, race discrimination, age discrimination, disability discrimination, nation origin discrimination, sex discrimination, gender discrimination, retaliation, religious discrimination and other employment law issues.

Clients in Dallas, Texas looks for employment lawyers and divorce lawyers who understand the difficulties of their situation.

Dallas Employment and Labor Practice Areas

The following are some of the labor and employment law issues in the Dallas and Fort Worth, Texas area.

Employment Discrimination

Employment discrimination is unlawful when the discriminatory acts occur because of a basis prohibited by law. That includes the following areas.

Dallas age discrimination lawyers

Dallas disability discrimination lawyers

Dallas harassment lawyers

Dallas national origin lawyers

Dallas race discrimination lawyers

Dallas religious discrimination lawyers

Dallas retaliation lawyers

Dallas sex discrimination lawyers

Dallas wrongful termination lawyers

Dallas transgender lawyers


Fair Pay Rights

Employees in Texas enjoy protections for their pay and benefits under several federal and Texas laws. These protections include the following fair pay rights.

Dallas benefits lawyers

Dallas unpaid wages lawyers

Dallas overtime lawyers

Dallas 401k lawyers

Dallas pension lawyers

Dallas minimum wage lawyers


Leave Issues

Federal and Texas law protect the right to certain types of medical leave because medical issues are a natural part of life. These are some of the ways The Kielich Law Firm helps clients with medical leave.

Dallas FMLA lawyers

Dallas retaliation lawyers

Dallas pregnancy leave lawyers


Employment Issues

Labor and employment law issues extend beyond discrimination, pay and wages.

Dallas arbitration lawyers

Dallas expunction lawyers

Dallas labor lawyers

Dallas noncompete agreement lawyers

Dallas wrongful discharge lawyers

Dallas Employment Lawyers



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