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Dallas labor lawyers represent clients in Dallas County in labor law claims. Labor law describes laws dealing with unions and the collective relationship of employees with the employer. Employment laws, by contrast, often deal with the relationship between an individual employee and the employer. Most labor law claims involve one of two issues. First, the employee participated in a union or union organizing. Then the employer retaliated against the employee for the participation. Second, the employee cooperated with coworkers to improve work conditions and the employer retaliated. In these cases a Dallas labor lawyer can fight back against the employer and help the employee.

Labor law in Dallas, Texas

The labor law applying to most Texas workers is the National Labor Relations Act (NLRA). The NLRA protects the right to assemble and cooperate to improve work conditions like pay, hours and benefits. These include rights to join a union and assist in efforts to vote a union as the bargaining representative of the employees. An employee who works under a collective bargaining agreement has additional rights and benefits that an at-will employee does not. The NLRA also protects the right of workers to cooperate without the presence of a formal union entity for the same purpose.

Retaliation is a common problem in labor law in and around Dallas, Texas. Retaliation may occur from participating in efforts to unionize a workplace; however, employees may suffer retaliation for organizing informally to deal with workplace problems. Employees do not need to join a union to invoke their rights to cooperate to improve work conditions. The act of cooperating is enough to invoke labor law protections. If you suffer retaliation by your employer for cooperating with coworkers on workplace problems or for working to unionize the workplace then you should contact Dallas labor lawyers right away.

Why hire Dallas labor lawyers

Dallas labor lawyers represent clients in a wide range of labor and employment law problems. Labor law claims often deal with other employment laws so you may need representation from a labor attorney who can effectively represent you in multiple claims. Each of these labor and employment law claims may have specific individual processes to follow before a lawsuit may be filed. Additionally, you may have a grievance or claim against your employer to pursue through arbitration.

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