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Dallas national origin discrimination lawyers represent clients in the Dallas, Texas area for employment discrimination claims related to the employee’s national origin.  It is a violation of federal and Texas employment law to discriminate in employment on the basis of an employee or applicant’s nation of origin. If your employer discriminated against you for your national origin then you should contact a Dallas national origin discrimination lawyer right away.

National origin discrimination at work in Dallas, Texas

National origin discrimination is a form of employment discrimination in which an employer discriminates against an employee or applicant because that person is from a particular country or the person’s family is from a particular country. It may result in an adverse employment action, including termination, demotion, pay cuts, reduction in work assignments and failure to hire or promote. It may also occur through harassment in which employees, supervisors, customers or vendors create a hostile work environment. These forms of employment discrimination can have a significant impact on a person’s career.

Employment discrimination on the basis of national origin is unlawful under Title VII and the Texas Labor Code. These employment laws make it unlawful for an employer to take an employee or applicant’s national origin into consideration in a negative manner. An employer may have negative feelings towards people from particular nations or may hold harmful stereotypes. National origin discrimination may occur in:

  • Hiring or promotion decisions
  • Termination or demotion decisions
  • Work assignments
  • Harassment or hostile work environment

When an employer unlawfully discriminates on national origin then it is liable to the employee for lost wages, lost benefits, attorneys fees, litigation costs, mental anguish and other sums. If your employer discriminates against you then you should contact Dallas national origin discrimination lawyers right away.

Dallas, Texas national origin discrimination attorneys

Employers are permitted to discriminate in favor of national origin when there is a legitimate business need. This rarely occurs; and often only in customer service jobs. In those jobs a person’s national origin or ethnicity makes the business more authentic. Employers are not permitted to show bias against people of any national origin for other reasons. This includes:

  • Setting up English-only rules that lack a legitimate business need
  • Harassing employees for their national origin
  • Making business decisions based on the stereotypes the employer believes its customers hold

National origin discrimination is often connected to race discrimination or ethnicity discrimination. Determining the proper type of employment discrimination claim is a job for Dallas national origin discrimination attorneys.

How Dallas national origin discrimination lawyers can help

Employment discrimination claims, including national origin discrimination, are complex claims. They require specific legal procedures and the laws governing employment discrimination lawsuits in Texas are complex. An experienced Dallas national origin discrimination lawyer understands the process to protect your rights and fight for justice. A lawsuit for national origin discrimination may result in an award of lost wages, punitive damages, mental anguish, attorney’s fees and court costs.

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