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Dallas pension lawyers help clients with pension and other retirement plan issues in Dallas, Fort Worth and other parts of Texas. Pensions and other retirement plans are important parts of employee retirement savings. When employers violate employee rights to pensions or other employee benefits the employee should contact an employment lawyer in Dallas, Texas. Employee pension plans are protected under federal and Texas law.

Pension law in Dallas, Texas

Pensions and other retirement plans fall under federal and Texas law. Private employer plans are generally protected under ERISA. ERISA is the Employee Retirement Income Security Act. Texas public agency plans are governed by Texas state law. Federal employers fall under other federal laws than ERISA. Generally these laws require the employer to administer the plan in the benefit of the employees. ERISA sets a high standard for plan administrators to be fiduciaries to the plan. These laws also require employers to follow the plan rules and administer the plan equally. When employers violate these laws they may become liable to the employees. In this case you should contact a pension lawyer in Dallas, Texas.

Remedies for pension law violations with Dallas Pension Lawyers

Texas employees can recover for violations of pension law depending upon the violation. Many times employers who violate pension laws are liable for losses to benefits owed to the employees. The employer may be liable to the employee for losses attributable to wrongful denial of benefits. Plans, particularly under ERISA, may be liable to Dallas, Texas employees for breaches of fiduciary duties about administration of pension assets. Employees can also often recover attorney’s fees and court costs for pursuing remedies.

Typically employer pension plans have specific administrative processes that you must follow to pursue a claim. Failure to follow the administrative process can bar further efforts by the Dallas, Texas employee to recover from the plan. This is why Dallas, Texas employees should work with Dallas pension lawyers right away if they believe they have a pension claim.

How Dallas, Texas pension lawyers can help you

Dallas pension lawyers help employees resolve problems with their pensions. This may include reviewing the plan rules and helping the employee navigate requesting benefits from the plan. Or it may involve informal negotiations with the plan administrator to resolve a dispute. Or it may involve pursuing the plan’s administrative process through a lawsuit.

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