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Dallas religious discrimination lawyers represent employees in Fort Worth and other parts of Texas who suffer discrimination at work on the basis of their religion. Title VII and the Texas Labor Code prohibit employment discrimination on the basis of religion. If you believe your employer is engaging in religious discrimination then you should contact a Fort Worth religious discrimination lawyer right away.

Religious discrimination at work in Dallas, Texas

Under federal and Texas law it is unlawful for an employer to discriminate against an employee on the basis of the employee’s religion. Employers discriminate against employees on the basis of religion in many ways including:

  • Refusing to hire or promote an employee on the basis of religion
  • Terminating an employee for holding religious beliefs
  • Terminating an employee for not participating in a religious practice
  • Creating a hostile work environment or harassing an employee due to the employee’s religion
  • Cutting pay or work assignments on the basis of religion

Additionally, employers must provide reasonable accommodation for religious practices including permitting dress code deviations for religious attire and leave to attend religious ceremonies. Note that these need only be reasonable accommodations. Not all requests for religious practices fall under this protection.

Dallas religious discrimination lawyers represent clients in lawsuits and EEOC complaints on these adverse employment actions. Religious discrimination attorneys understand these types of employment law claims. If you believe your employer discriminated on the basis of religion then you should contact a Dallas religious discrimination attorney right away.

Religious discrimination claims in Dallas, Texas

Religious discrimination at work happens in two ways. First, it may occur like any other form of employment discrimination in which an employer treats you less favorably than other workers on the basis of your religious beliefs. Second, it may occur because an employer refuses a reasonable accommodation to a religious belief.

Adverse employment action religious discrimination in Fort Worth, Texas

Dallas religious discrimination attorneys help clients with religion discrimination when an employer treats an employee less favorably than other employees on the basis of the employee’s religious beliefs. Discrimination may be because the employee has religious beliefs the employer opposes or simply because the employee does not share the employer’s faith.

Religious discrimination may be as direct as the employer directly making employment decisions on the basis of the employee’s faith; it may be as indirect as making employment decisions for declining to participate in “voluntary” religious practices in the workplace. How religion ties into the employer’s adverse employment action is not as important as the employer’s decision to act adversely because of religion. Any negative act by the employer on the basis of religion is unlawful religious discrimination and you should contact Dallas religious discrimination lawyers about your situation.

Failure to accommodate religious practices

Unlike other forms of employment discrimination like race, sex, or age, religion discrimination includes a specific type of discrimination which is a failure to reasonably accommodate religious practices. Under Title VII and the Texas Labor Code a covered employer must reasonably accommodate a religious practice. Common accommodations include: schedule changes to permit the employee to attend religious ceremonies; schedule changes for religious work rules; adjusting break periods to allow for prayers or other religious practices at work; and modifying dress codes to allow for religious attire.

The standard for the reasonableness of an accommodation is low. Often if an employer has an honest business reason to deny the accommodation the employer will often prove its case.

How Dallas religious discrimination lawyers can help

Dallas religious discrimination lawyers help clients protect their religious beliefs and practices from unlawful employment activities. If you believe you suffered religious discrimination then you should contact a Fort Worth religious discrimination lawyer right away. There is a limited period to initiate a claim for religious discrimination. Religious discrimination lawyers in Dallas, Texas know the process to fight against this practice.

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