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Dallas retaliation lawyers help clients who have suffered retaliation at work for complaints of unlawful activity or exercising legal rights. Federal and Texas employment laws protect employees from retaliation for these acts. If your employer unlawfully retaliated against you in Fort Worth, Dallas, or other parts of Texas then you should contact a Dallas retaliation lawyer. Employment lawyers represent clients in retaliation claims.

Retaliation at work in Dallas, Texas

Retaliation claims arise when employers take adverse action against employees for exercising a legal right at work, complaining about unlawful employment acts or participating in an investigation of unlawful employment acts. Dallas retaliation lawyers represent employees in lawsuits and other forums to pursue employers who punish employees in retaliation.

Not all acts of retaliation are unlawful under federal or Texas employment law; but several forms of retaliation are unlawful. These include:

  • Complaining about an employer’s refusal to lawfully pay minimum wage or overtime pay (FLSA)
  • Complaining about, reporting, or participating in an investigation of employment discrimination
  • Requesting FMLA leave
  • Requesting a reasonable accommodation under the ADA and Texas Labor Code
  • Submitting requests for benefits due under an ERISA-governed benefit plan
  • Reporting or participating in an investigation of a workplace safety complaint (OSHA)
  • Participating in a union or union elections (NLRA)

Retaliation claims under Texas employment law

An employer’s retaliation can have a significant impact on your career even if not fired or demoted. Retaliation can affect future employers because it puts a black mark on your resume. Future employers will contact prior employers to verify employment and likely will find that you were fired from the job. As a result, the retaliation can carry with you for years. If your employer retaliates unlawfully then you should contact Dallas retaliation lawyers right away. Retaliation claims often follow the same procedure for employment discrimination claims because they arise from the same statutes. Employment discrimination claims typically must begin with a complaint filed with the EEOC.  Many retaliation claims under employment law have short statutes of limitations and specific procedures that must be followed to initiate a claim.

An employer may retaliate against an employee in several ways including:

  • Termination or demotion
  • Harassment or creating a hostile work environment
  • Refusing a promotion or pay increase
  • Decreasing bonuses
  • Changing work responsibilities

How Dallas retaliation lawyers can help

Dallas retaliation lawyers are employment lawyers who protect their clients from unlawful employment acts. If you do not stand up for your rights in the workplace then your employer will feel emboldened to continue retaliating. Protect your career and your financial well-being by asserting your retaliation claim.  Dallas retaliation attorneys know how to identify and pursue these claims for clients across Texas.

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