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Dallas retaliation lawyers help clients in Dallas and surrounding parts of Texas in employment retaliation lawsuits. Retaliation occurs in employment when an employer unlawfully retaliates against an employee by terminating, demoting, cutting pay, or otherwise harming the employee as a result of:

  • Exercising a legal employee right, such as FMLA leave, requesting benefits under an ERISA plan;
  • Complaining about an unlawful employment act, such as unlawful employment discrimination or unpaid wages;
  • Reporting unlawful employment acts that occurred to other employees, such as employment discrimination or retaliation;
  • Participating in an investigation of an unlawful employment act, such as employment discrimination.

An employee who suffers an unlawful form of retaliation at work is entitled to recover lost wages, attorneys fees and other damages. If you believe you suffered an unlawful form of retaliation then you should contact retaliation lawyers in Dallas, Texas. Retaliation claims are not uniform. Many have special procedures that must be followed.

Retaliation Lawyers in Dallas, Texas

Retaliation lawyers help employees recover for losses caused by unlawful forms of workplace retaliation. Employer retaliation can have a substantial harm to an employee’s career, financial stability, retirement plans and mental health. Workplace retaliation can occur across a wide range of behaviors including:

  • Harassment/hostile work environment;
  • Wrongful termination;
  • Pay cuts;
  • Demotions;
  • Benefits denials;
  • Transfers that appear lateral but reduce job opportunities;
  • Reduction in job duties;
  • Shifts in work schedules to less favorable schedules;
  • Deny raises or bonuses otherwise earned;
  • Shifts to less favorable workplaces;
  • Refusal to promote.

Employees in Dallas, Texas may suffer these forms of workplace retaliation individually, such as wrongful termination, or several forms together, such as harassment and a transfer to a less favorable workplace. When assessing a workplace retaliation claim in Dallas, Texas, retaliation lawyers can review the types of retaliation suffered and what relief may be available. In addition to considering the type of retaliation, your retaliation attorney will assess the particular statute in which a retaliation might arise. Remedies for workplace retaliation differ across employment law statutes under federal and Texas law.

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