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Dallas transgender lawyers represent clients in sex and gender discrimination claims in Texas regarding transgender rights in employment. Transgender employment discrimination is prohibited under federal and Texas employment law. If your employer discriminates on the basis of your transgender identity in Dallas, Texas or surrounding areas then you should contact a Dallas transgender rights lawyer.

Transgender rights and employment discrimination in Dallas, Texas

Transgender employees deserve equal employment opportunities as everybody else but often face discrimination in hiring and promotions as well as harassment in the workplace. Fortunately transgender employees receive protections from employment discrimination under Title VII, which prohibits discrimination on the basis of sex or gender. Title VII has been used by transgender rights lawyers in Dallas, Texas and other areas to assert transgender-based discrimination is discrimination on the basis of sex or gender stereotypes.

Transgender discrimination claims may also involve discrimination unique to transgender employees. Some transgender discrimination claims implicate questions of sexual orientation-based discrimination. When restroom access is impaired by transgender discrimination OSHA may be implicated. OSHA requires employers to give employees meaningful access to restrooms.

The Texas Labor Code provides the same protections against sex and gender discrimination. The Texas Labor Code prohibits employment discrimination along the same lines as federal employment law.

Additionally, local laws sometimes prohibit employment discrimination. These often include prohibitions on sex discrimination. They may also include prohibitions on sexual orientation or transgender discrimination. Local laws typically do not create claims an employee can bring to court against private employers; however, they may allow a city employee who suffers discrimination a path for resolution with the city. The city may have powers to pursue private entities but rarely do. Cities with these ordinances include Fort Worth and Dallas, Texas.

Employment lawyers in Dallas, Texas for transgender discrimination

Employees in Fort Worth, Texas pursuing transgender employment discrimination claims may file in federal or state courts. There may be tactical advantages to choose one or the other. Employees must file an administrative complaint with the EEOC or Texas Workforce Commission before pursuing a lawsuit on an employment discrimination claim for sex discrimination. (Except a claim brought under the Equal Pay Act.) Lawsuits in Texas for transgender employment discrimination may result in recovery of lost wages, out of pocket losses, mental anguish and attorney’s fees. Sex discrimination lawsuits for transgender discrimination can be complex cases. Before moving forward with a lawsuit, consider consultations with Dallas employment lawyers.

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