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Dallas uncontested divorce lawyers represent clients in Dallas and surrounding areas in flat fee uncontested divorces. Uncontested divorces are divorces in which the parties agree on the issues in the divorce. An uncontested divorce avoids the costs, time and frustration of litigating a divorce in Dallas. Although uncontested divorces in Dallas are often easier than contested divorces, it is still vital that the parties receive a clear, well drafted divorce decree that properly deals with the property and custody issues. A poorly drafted divorce decree can create problems for years. Do it right the first time.

Uncontested divorce in Dallas, Texas

The result of an uncontested divorce is the same as any divorce in Dallas: an end to the marriage based on the terms of the divorce decree. The divorce decree includes terms for child custody including possession schedules and parental rights. It also includes child support obligations for child support payments and medical care. The divorce decree also divides the marital estate, which assigns property to each spouse and addresses liability for debts. Although a divorce cannot alter a creditor’s rights in Texas, it can order spouses to indemnify each other, for one to make cash payments to the other to pay debts, or require a party to refinance a debt to remove the other from the debt.

Child custody and child support in your Dallas uncontested divorce

A lot can go wrong with the divorce decree because it is a court order that creates obligations and assignments on the parties. A poorly drafted possession schedule can result in confusion and ultimately require expensive litigation to modify the custody orders. Incorrect child support orders can result in underpayment of child support or unintentionally large payments that cause financial troubles for the parent paying support. Modifying and enforcing child support orders can be a headache at best and jail time at worst. A lot rides on the line with the language of the divorce decree. Take care of your uncontested divorce the easy way and hire a Dallas uncontested divorce attorney to do the hard work for you.

Property division in uncontested divorces in Dallas, Texas

Poorly drafted property division schedules can result in assigning property to the wrong party, creating problems with financial account ownership, clouding the title to property and countless other problems. Failing to properly deal with debts in the divorce decree can create its own set of problems. These issues may result in years of problems and not all of them can be resolved by returning to court. These are good reasons to hire Dallas uncontested divorce lawyer Adam Kielich to take care of your uncontested divorce and ensure the divorce decree accurately describes the agreement of the spouses and creates a clear, enforceable order.


Uncontested divorce: how long does it take in Texas

Under the Texas Family Code a divorce may not be granted in less than sixty days after the date the petitioner files the petition. The Texas Family Code has an exception if domestic violence is involved in the divorce. Generally domestic violence allegations do not exist in uncontested divorces so generally an uncontested divorce can occur in no less than sixty-one days. An uncontested divorce in Dallas can occur within that period if the parties complete their agreement in time to draft a divorce decree for the parties to sign. Often the parties are ready to appear in court shortly after the end of the sixty day waiting period.

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