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Dallas wrongful discharge lawyers represent clients in the Dallas and Fort Worth area who lost their jobs through a wrongful discharge or wrongful termination. Wrongful discharge happens when employers fire employees in violation of a statute or common law protection. Employees wrongfully discharged can recover lost wages and other sums. A Dallas wrongful termination lawyer understands the federal and Texas employment laws that affect losing your job. Dallas employment lawyers understand how a wrongful discharge or wrongful termination can seriously harm your career and your financial security.

Can you sue for wrongful termination in Texas

Some states have a wide range of wrongful discharge claims against employers; but Texas only has a small number. A claim for wrongful discharge arises when a law specifically prohibits the termination or discharge. Any termination that is unfair, unreasonable, or based on bad information is certainly harmful. However, that is not enough by itself to create a claim under Texas law for wrongful discharge. The employee may pursue unemployment benefits where the standard for a wrongful discharge is much broader.

Wrongful termination lawyers in Dallas, Texas

Dallas wrongful discharge lawyers are employment lawyers who represent clients in wrongful termination lawsuits under Texas and federal law. Common wrongful discharge or wrongful termination claims come from employment discrimination, FMLA, complaining about unpaid overtime or wages, retaliation for complaining about employment discrimination, retaliation for requesting employee benefits protected by ERISA and retaliation for complaining to OSHA about unsafe work conditions.

Claims for wrongful discharge in Dallas, Texas may resolve through the courts or an administrative agency’s process. Some wrongful discharge claims in Texas must begin by filing an administrative complaint. This is particularly true for employment discrimination claims based on age, national origin, disability, race, religion and most sex discrimination claims. It is also true for employees fired for reporting unsafe work conditions to OSHA. A claim for the retaliatory discharge must also file with OSHA rather than directly to court. Some claims, like FMLA or overtime pay, may be filed with the Department of Labor but a party may choose not to file with the Department of Labor and simply begin a lawsuit in court. Other claims may go directly to court without any administrative process.

It is critical that a wrongful discharge claim is filed in the right venue. Failing to satisfy specific statutory or administrative procedures can result in barring your claim for wrongful termination from proceeding. This is a good reason to hire Dallas wrongful discharge lawyers to represent you.

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