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Divorce lawyers in Tarrant County often find themselves in mediation resolving family law disputes like contested divorces and modifications. Mediation and arbitration are two forms of alternative dispute resolution used in divorces to gain the assistance of a third party to settle property division and child issues without relying on a judge or jury to resolve those disputes in court. Each method has its advantages and disadvantages. Neither is always the most appropriate technique to resolve a dispute. Generally you want a divorce lawyer or other family law attorney on your side in either procedure.

Mediation with Dallas and Tarrant County Divorce Lawyers

Mediation is a negotiation between the parties with a neutral third party mediator who helps the parties reach an agreement. The mediator can discuss the merits of each party’s position and offer solutions for settlement but the parties are not bound by the mediator’s recommendations. The goal of mediation is for the parties to form a binding agreement. Mediation can be voluntarily agreed to by the parties or required by the family court before the judge will hear the case.

Mediation can be an expensive option for reaching a settlement because it requires paying each person’s contested divorce lawyer for the actual mediation plus preparation time. The mediator also must be paid for his or her time. The risk of walking away with no settlement makes mediation an even more costly option. However, it can be effective as long as all parties involved want to reach a solution. Unfortunately that is not always the case.

Hiring Divorce Lawyers in Tarrant County or Dallas County for mediation

Generally in Fort Worth and other parts of the Dallas and Tarrant County area, any contested divorce will go to mediation before a trial. Divorce lawyers understand that when informal settlement efforts fail, mediation is usually the next step. For this reason it is important to work with a divorce attorney who understands mediation and how to get the most out of mediation for a client. Mediation is not a showdown to see if the divorce lawyers will back down from a trial. Nor is it a place for divorce lawyers to show off for their clients. It is a negotiation forum that can produce great results under the right circumstances.

Arbitration in Dallas and Fort Worth divorces

Arbitration is another process for resolving a dispute in a family case outside of the courthouse. It also involves a neutral third party but unlike a mediator who is helping the parties negotiate with each other, the arbitrator makes a binding decision. In arbitration the parties agree by contract to let the arbitrator have the final say on the disputed issues. The arbitrator will conduct a hearing and issue a decision. The parties then use the arbitrator’s decision to draft the divorce decree and submit it to the family court as an agreed divorce decree.

Fort Worth divorce lawyers for arbitration in Tarrant County

Divorce lawyers generally do not arbitrate divorces or other family law issues in Tarrant County. It is unfamiliar territory for most family law attorneys in Fort Worth and Dallas. Unlike employment or consumer arbitration, the parties rarely agree ahead of time to arbitrate a divorce. (Such as in a prenuptial agreement.) In some circumstances it makes sense for Tarrant County divorce lawyers to agree to take a divorce out of the courts and into arbitration. Understanding this line and when a client may gain a benefit in arbitration is important.


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