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Fort Worth arbitration lawyers help clients in arbitration proceedings in employment law, labor law and other settings. Arbitration is a process like litigation except the trial is heard by a private arbitration rather than a judge. Arbitration procedure is somewhat different from litigation rules in federal and Texas courts. However, if you find yourself in an arbitration proceeding you should hire a Fort Worth arbitration lawyer right away. Fort Worth employment lawyers help clients with arbitration and other employment law problems.

Arbitration in Texas employment lawsuits

Arbitration often arises in one of two ways in an employment relationship. First, you may be part of a collective bargaining agreement that requires arbitration of disputes under the CBA. Second, your employer may have required an arbitration agreement when you hired on or to continue employment. The arbitration agreement sets out the arbitration procedure and what claims fall under it. Before signing an arbitration agreement you should consult with one or more Fort Worth arbitration lawyers. Once you sign the agreement and a claim arises you will likely have to follow the agreement.

Mediation vs. Arbitration

Mediation is a different process from arbitration. Mediation is a settlement process using an impartial mediator to try to bring the parties to settlement. It is non-binding on the parties. It usually happens before or during a lawsuit. Arbitration is a trial procedure with a binding decision by the arbitrator.

Contact Fort Worth Arbitration Lawyers

If you have an employment claim in Fort Worth or Dallas then you should contact Fort Worth arbitration lawyersFort Worth arbitration lawyers can review the agreement and your claims to determine whether you should proceed with arbitration or consider other strategies.

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