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Fort Worth child support lawyers represent clients in child support proceedings in Fort Worth and Dallas, Texas. Child support is a part of many divorces and child custody proceedings under the Texas Family Code whether they are original child support or child custody proceedings or child support enforcement proceedings. If you have a child support problem to solve then contact a Fort Worth child support lawyer.

Child support in Fort Worth, Texas

The Texas Family Code generally requires an order for child support in a Tarrant County divorce or custody lawsuit. A court will order child support based upon the guidelines in the Texas Family Code unless there is evidence to deviate up or down. The purpose of child support is to ensure the welfare of the children; but often child support becomes a point of conflict between the parents. Child support may be modified as the obligor parent’s income changes. If the obligor fails to pay child support payments on time the obligee parent may seek a child support enforcement to motivate the obligor to make payments. With money and the children’s welfare on the line, child support can be a big issue in a family law matter.

Fort Worth child support lawyers represent clients in family law situations involving child support. These often include divorces and custody lawsuits but extend to child support modifications and child support enforcements. Parents on both sides of a child support proceeding in Tarrant County should hire child support attorneys to advocate for themselves and the children. Child support orders can have a significant financial effect on both parents as well as the kids. Once the court orders child support and the obligation becomes due it is a done deal. The court cannot take back the child support obligation so it is important to get it right the first time. Fort Worth child support lawyers help clients maneuver child support situations in Tarrant County.

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