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Fort Worth custody lawyers represent clients in custody proceedings in Fort Worth and Dallas, Texas. Custody orders often first arise in a divorce or SAPCR but may require modification as time passes. Custody proceedings in Tarrant County, Texas may range from the initial proceedings establishing custody orders to modifications and custody enforcement proceedings. The effect of custody proceedings can have a long term impact on your relationship with your children. If you are involved in a custody situation you should contact a Fort Worth custody lawyer to represent your interests and protect your relationship with your children.

Custody proceedings in Fort Worth, Texas

Custody proceedings, like divorces, involve establishing orders for possession and access to the children along with rights and obligations to the children. A typical custody order includes a possession schedule for the children, a schedule of parental rights and a schedule of duties for the parents when each has possession of the children. These orders may include the standard possession order, expanded standard possession order, or a modified possession order.

Parties can agree to almost anything; but the real test is whether the Tarrant County family judge will agree to the terms. Judges must consider the best interests of the children in setting custody orders. They often give more leeway to parents represented by Fort Worth custody attorneys than pro se parties. Judges know that parties represented by custody lawyers received advice to consider the effects of the desired agreement. On the other hand, when parties lack counsel the judges are more likely to order the standard possession order.

Of course, when parties cannot reach an agreement they will have to have a trial on the custody issues and leave it to a judge or jury to determine what is in the best interests of the children. These are all good reasons for parties to custody proceedings in Tarrant County to hire a Fort Worth custody lawyer.

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