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Fort Worth custody modification lawyers represent clients in modifying custody orders in Fort Worth and Dallas, Texas. Custody orders often arise in Tarrant County as the result of a divorce or other custody proceedings. Over time the custody order may become unworkable due to changing circumstances of the children or parents. If the parents cannot reach an agreement about custody changes then they will need to return to court and ask the judge for a modification order with new custody terms. If you find yourself in this situation you should speak with a Fort Worth child custody lawyer.

Child custody in Fort Worth, Texas

Often in divorces and other custody proceedings in Fort Worth, Texas the parties and their Fort Worth divorce lawyers apply the standard possession order as a custody order. The standard possession order comes from the Texas Family Code. The Texas Family Code makes the SPO available as a presumptive solution to custody disputes. The standard possession order is the 1-3-5 weekend schedule many families follow. The Texas Family Code presumes this is a workable schedule because the Texas Legislature decided so. For many families the standard possession order is not ideal and the parents may work with custody lawyers to develop a custody schedule that meets the family’s needs.

With time the family changes and new custody schedules may become necessary. Many changes can affect the custody schedule, including job schedule changes, job changes, new significant others, buying new homes, changing hobbies, children changing schools, children engaging in new hobbies, the kids driving and so forth. Sometimes it is difficult for the parents to reach an agreement. They may not have the expertise in dealing with custody situations to know how to craft a workable custody modification. These are reasons why the parents should consider hiring Fort Worth child custody lawyers. Fort Worth child custody lawyers have experience helping parents resolve custody modifications in Tarrant County and surrounding counties.

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