The 323rd District Court in Fort Worth, Texas with Fort Worth divorce lawyer Adam Kielich

The 323rd district court in Fort Worth handles family law cases and juvenile criminal cases. Although it is a family law court it does not hear divorces or other private family disputes. Instead it handles CPS and other child welfare disputes in Tarrant County. The 323rd district court might be most well known for the affluenza case. If CPS is involved in your custody or parenting relationship with your children then it is probable that any legal proceedings will be before the 323rd and not one of the family law district courts in downtown Fort Worth.

The 323rd district court is in North Fort Worth at 2701 Kimbo Court at the juvenile justice center. It is a smaller building than other Tarrant County courthouses and located in a semi-industrial area north of 28th street and east of interstate 35. You can find the courthouse off of Sylvania south of the Mecham business park area. This is not the downtown Fort Worth courthouses. Traffic in the area can be difficult due to the construction on I-35 and the large trucks that travel through the area. Plan on additional travel time to account for traffic and construction.

What to do if you in CPS litigation in Fort Worth, Texas

If you find yourself in a CPS proceeding you need to find legal representation. You may qualify for a court-appointed attorney. If not them you need to hire an attorney of your own. CPS has a large staff with representation by attorneys from the Tarrant County District Attorney. You are not prepared to fight against that level of government resources on your own. CPS has virtually unlimited resources to conduct its investigation. The agency has immense resources and trained investigators. District attorneys handle the trial work. Many have years of experience in CPS litigation in Fort Worth.
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