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Fort Worth expunction lawyers represent clients in Fort Worth, Dallas and other parts of Texas in employment background issues. Texas law allows individuals with certain types of criminal records to expunge or seal those records so they are available to fewer employers. Texas job applicants face a difficult job market in many areas. Having criminal records in your background can make the job search far more difficult. Fort Worth employment lawyers help clients obtain court orders to improve their employment opportunities.

Fort Worth Expunction and Nondisclosure Orders

First, background searches for employment are limited by federal and Texas laws. Especially relevant, although there is a seven year limit for many searches, some searches can go back with no time limit or limit on what public records the employer can search. Criminal records are common components of background searches.


First, expunctions are court orders to destroy criminal records. As a result, expunctions include everything from arrest records forward. They are generally only available when the arrest does not result in a conviction or guilty plea. This is the strongest remedy for a criminal record. The only types of crimes eligible for expunction after a guilty plea is a class C misdemeanor dismissed after deferred adjudication or certain juvenile offenses.

Non disclosure orders

Second, non disclosure orders are court orders to seal criminal records. These also apply to everything from the arrest forward. Conversely, they are available when the arrest involves certain crimes and the individual pleaded guilty to receive deferred adjudication. A nondisclosure has several requirements. Unlike an expunction a nondisclosure does not destroy records. It only seals the records from the public. State and federal agencies can still access these records.

The rules around expunctions and nondisclosure orders are highly technical. Details of the criminal record and how it was resolved are critical. A Fort Worth expunction lawyer knowledgeable about these rules can help get these records out of your criminal background.

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