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Expunctions and nondisclosure orders can help remove certain criminal background records from your history. Criminal background records can be the difference between an employer extending a job offer or moving to the next candidate. Fort Worth expunction lawyers ]help clients in Texas remove those background records.

Expunctions and nondisclosure orders in Texas

Expunctions are court orders that completely remove all records of a criminal event, from an arrest through any conviction. An expunction is only available in almost all cases if no conviction ocurred. For most people this includes arrests that are dismissed without any trial or plea deal. If you pled guilty or no-contest to a criminal charge then you likely cannot receive an expunction.

Nondisclosure orders seal records of a criminal event but do not destroy them. Nondisclosure orders are also court orders. To receive a nondisclosure order from a Texas court you must satisfy several requirements. The most important requirements include the court placing you on deferred adjudication for the crime and completing deferred adjudication. If the court dismisses the charge after deferred adjudication then you may be eligible.

Juvenile records are sealed similar in effect to nondisclosure orders but under a different process. These include minor alcohol crimes.

Do I need an expunction or nondisclosure order in Dallas or Fort Worth?

The benefit of an expunction or nondisclosure order is that the court order takes those records away from most public inquiries. That means most future employers cannot find them along with lenders, landlords and other parties who might conduct a background search. Many public agencies can and do access sealed criminal records for employment and other purposes.

Often people become aware of the need for an expunction or non disclosure order when they enter the job market. Unfortunately by that time it may be too late. Expunctions and nondisclosure orders are not quick procedures. The lawyer must file a petition in court. The state reviews the petition and may contest it. If there is no contest then the court will likely grant the order. The state may contest in which case the court will set it for trial.

Contact Fort Worth expunction lawyers

If you believe you qualify for an expunction or nondisclosure order then you should contact a Fort Worth expunction lawyer right away. It is not a fast process so the sooner you start working on the order the sooner your records will stop haunting you.

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