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Fort Worth family lawyers represent clients in divorces, child support, child custody and other family law issues in Fort Worth, Dallas and other parts of Texas. Family law issues in Texas are governed primarily by the Texas Family Code. Even uncontested divorces and other agreed matters are governed by the Texas Family Code. Family law matters can have long lasting effects on your family.

Family law lawyers in Fort Worth, Texas

Fort Worth family lawyers represent clients across Tarrant County including Bedford, Arlington, Grapevine, North Richland Hills and Hurst. Most people come in contact with family law attorneys through divorces. Divorce is a common on-ramp to family law because it is generally the first time child custody orders arise. Once custody orders exist they will remain with the children until adulthood. However, custody is not the only effect of a divorce. The divorce also divides marital property. The effect of dividing marital property can have a huge impact on the financial well-being of the former spouses. These are just some of the dangers to pursuing a divorce or other family law matter without the help of Fort Worth family lawyers.

Divorce is not the only reason people in Tarrant County might need to contact a Fort Worth family lawyer. Family law proceedings can occur in non-marital family situations. Child custody orders may arise from a suit affecting the parent-child relationship, a CPS removal, or an adoption. In these situations a Texas court orders child custody child support orders; but without a marriage there is no property division.

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