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Fort Worth labor attorneys represent clients in labor law situations. These include union elections and retaliation for union activities. The right to cooperate with coworkers to improve work conditions is protected for almost all employees by federal and Texas law. If your employer interferes with that right or retaliates against you for exercising that right then you may have claims against your employer. These claims can result in recovery against the employer by the affected employees. This is especially true when the employees are wrongfully terminated. If this happens you should contact a Fort Worth employment lawyer.

Fort Worth labor lawyers for union rights

Most employees in the Dallas and Fort Worth area are protected by one of two federal labor laws. The National Labor Relations Act (and its amendments) protect most private employees. In Dallas-Fort Worth we have a lot of employees in transportation, including railway and airline employees. These employees fall under the Railway Labor Act.

Labor law versus employment law

Most people, even lawyers, consider labor law and employment law as different subjects. Labor laws primarily deal with the relationship between the employer and employees as a unit. Conversely, employment law deals with the individual relationship between employer and each employee. Class actions can arise under employment laws; however, these do not deal with the relationship as a collective in the same manner.

Labor law situations often implicate employment laws because the labor relationship deals with employment law issues like wages, benefits and wrongful termination. When a worker has a problem at work where there is a union and visits a labor attorney, the employee may come with multiple issues. There may be claims under the collective bargaining agreement. The worker may have claims under labor laws for violations of labor rights. The worker may also have claims under employment laws. The CBA may in turn govern how the employee must pursue those claims.

What labor laws do

These labor laws protect the rights of employees to work together to improve work conditions whether it is through an external union or an informal group of employees. This includes pay, benefits, work rules, safety concerns, schedules and so forth. When employers violate these rights or interfere with the right to organize into a formal union entity the employees have claims against the employer. The employees should contact Fort Worth labor attorneys right away.

Claims for violation of labor laws including the National Labor Relations Act and Railway Labor Act follow specific procedures and limited limitations periods. Failing to follow the right process can defeat claims under these labor laws. Employees who believe they may have a claim should contact a Fort Worth labor lawyer familiar with these labor laws.

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