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Fort Worth labor lawyers represent clients in Dallas County and Tarrant County in labor law claims. Labor law is the commonly used term to describe laws that deal with unions and the relationship between employer and employees as a collective unit. This is different from laws normally described as employment laws because those laws deal with the individual employer-employee relationship. (Class actions not included.) Most labor law claims involve one of two issues. First, the employee participated in a union or union organizing and the employer retaliated against the employee. Second, the employee cooperated with coworkers beyond a union to improve work conditions and the employer retaliated. In these cases a Fort Worth labor lawyer can fight back against the employer and help the employee.

Labor laws in Fort Worth, Dallas and other parts of Texas

The labor law that applies to most Texas workers is the National Labor Relations Act (NLRA). The NLRA protects the rights of workers to assemble and cooperate to improve work conditions like pay, hours and benefits. These include rights to join a union and assist in efforts to vote a union as the bargaining representative of the employees. An employee who works under a collective bargaining agreement has additional rights and benefits that an at-will employee does not. The NLRA also protects the right of workers to cooperate without the presence of a formal union entity for the same purpose.

Often labor lawyers in Fort Worth get involved in a labor law situation when employees attempt to organize with or without a union and the employer unlawfully interferes or retaliates against the employees. In these cases the employee is entitled to reinstatement and/or monetary damages. Many employers take their chances to get rid of a “problem” employee in the workplace. Labor lawyers understand the law and fight to protect your job and your pay.

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Fort Worth labor lawyers represent clients across Tarrant County, Texas and surrounding counties like Dallas and Denton in NLRA and other labor law issues. Don’t let your employer take advantage of you or isolate you from your coworkers. You have legal rights in most workplaces to cooperate to improve your pay, benefits and other work conditions. If you believe your employer violated your labor law rights, contact Fort Worth labor lawyers today.

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