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Fort Worth mediation lawyers represent clients in Fort Worth and Dallas mediations for divorce. Mediation is a negotiation process to resolve a divorce in which a neutral mediator helps the parties reach an agreement. Mediation is a common pre-trial stage in divorces and other family law situations in Fort Worth and other parts of Tarrant County.

Divorce mediation in Fort Worth, Texas

Mediation can be an effective tool to resolve divorces and other litigation. Mediation typically involves a single, neutral mediator working between the parties to reach a settlement. The mediator’s role is to move the parties towards an agreement. The mediator does this by raising questions about the strengths and weaknesses of each party’s side. The mediator wants to convince the parties that their positions are not surefire victories if they go to trial in Tarrant County. That way the parties will consider negotiation as a better solution.

Divorce mediations in Fort Worth, Texas are not mandatory procedures but many family judges in Tarrant County will order mediation before a trial takes place. This gives the parties and their divorce lawyers the best opportunity to take ownership of the resolution to the divorce. Any divorce that does not end in an informal agreement is almost certain to go to mediation. The parties are not bound by any decision by the mediator and do not have to agree in mediation. If they do not reach an agreement then the most likely result will be an expensive trial.

Why you need Fort Worth mediation lawyers

Although the mediator’s role is to bring the parties together, each party still wants to advocate for his or her position. Understanding how to use mediation to broker a fair settlement that meets your needs is not an easy task. Mediation appears simple on its face but it is still a process of negotiation and persuasion. This is where your Fort Worth mediation lawyer fits.

Fort Worth mediation lawyers have experience settling cases in mediation, including divorces and other civil trials like employment law cases and consumer law claims. He understands how to balance the role of mediation to build an agreement but also continue to advocate for the best position agreement for his clients. A key issue in a successful mediation is understanding the probable results of trial if mediation fails. Understanding the law and trial procedures is critical to this analysis.

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