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Fort Worth minimum wage lawyers represent clients in Texas in unpaid minimum wage claims. Under the Fair Labor Standards Act nonexempt employees must receive minimum wage for each hour of work in a workweek under forty and overtime pay for each hour over forty in the workweek. Employers are liable to employees for unpaid wages, attorneys fees and other damages for failing to pay minimum wage. You do not work for free. If your employer thinks you should then you should contact a Fort Worth minimum wage lawyer about your possible claims.

Minimum wage in Fort Worth, Texas

The Fair Labor Standards Act is a federal law that establishes minimum wage provisions for employees. FLSA minimum wage applies to all employees who work for covered employers who are not exempt under the law. Minimum wage must be paid for each hour worked for all nonexempt employees. A common exemption to minimum wage is for salaried employees to meet one or more of the salaried exemptions. Not all salaried employees are exempt from overtime. An employee must receive a salary plus meet one of the job classifications for the employer to exempt the employee. Otherwise the employee must receive minimum wage and overtime pay.

FLSA minimum wage and overtime provisions only apply to employees. Individuals who work as independent contractors are not employees so they do not fall within the FLSA minimum wage and overtime pay provisions. However, like a salaried, exempt employee an employee is not an independent contractor just because the employer says so.

Common ways employers wrongfully fail to pay minimum wage

Employers often follow the same unlawful patterns when depriving employees of minimum wages. Fort Worth minimum wage lawyers see these methods commonly employed:

  • Work employees through unpaid lunches
  • Ask employees to continue work after the end of a shift but clocking the employee out before work ends
  • Taking tips from tipped employees
  • Improper tip deductions from tipped employees
  • Misclassifying employees as managers or other supposed nonexempt positions
  • Misclassifying employees as independent contractors
  • Removing hours from employees’ time sheets
  • Promising non-wage compensation for hours worked

Failing to pay minimum wage is not just a business dispute. It’s wage theft. Don’t let your employer steal from you. If you believe your employer is not paying minimum wages you earned then you should contact a Fort Worth minimum wage lawyer right away.

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