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Fort Worth minimum wage lawyers represent clients against employers who wrongfully refuse to pay minimum wage. Minimum wage is a federal law that sets a floor for wages across most jobs. Minimum wage for covered employees is currently $7.25 hourly. Tipped employees receive the same minimum wage although the employer can apply a tip credit. The tip credit results in the employer paying $2.13 hourly with the remainder coming from tips. If your employer wrongfully fails to pay minimum wage then you should contact a Fort Worth minimum wage lawyer right away.

Minimum wage in Fort Worth, Texas

Minimum wage arises for most jobs under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA). The FLSA sets minimum wage and overtime pay requirements for all positions not exempt under the law. The most common exemption from the FLSA is the salaried exemption but there are many others. Most hourly employees are due at least minimum wage for hours worked.

Employers violate the minimum wage provisions of the FLSA in several ways. These include:

  • Setting the hourly rate at less than minimum wage
  • Requiring employees to work off the clock or at a lower wage that results in less than minimum wage
  • Misclassifying workers as salaried and exempt and working hours that reduce pay below minimum wage
  • Changing timesheets to remove hours worked from paychecks
  • Illegal tip pooling schemes that pay tips out to ineligible employees, managers and owners
  • Improper deductions from tips for breakage fees, spillage fees and walked tabs

If your employer unlawfully fails to pay minimum wage then you are entitled to recover lost pay and other damages. These may include liquidated damages (doubling the unpaid wages), attorney’s fees and other amounts. If you believe your employer violated the FLSA minimum wage provisions then you should contact Fort Worth minimum wage lawyers now. There is a statute of limitations for minimum wage violations so contact a Fort Worth minimum wage attorney right away.

Contact Fort Worth minimum wage lawyers

Contact Fort Worth minimum wage lawyers right away if your employer failed to pay minimum wage. The FLSA provides for recovery of attorneys fees on a prevailing claim so there is little reason not to contact an employment lawyer to help you. FLSA regulations are technical and an experienced Fort Worth minimum wage lawyer can review your situation to assess whether you are owed unpaid wages.

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