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Fort Worth national origin lawyers represent clients in lawsuits for national origin discrimination in Fort Worth, Dallas and other parts of Texas. National origin discrimination is an unlawful form of discrimination on the basis of an individual’s national origin or heritage. National origin discrimination often involves racial discrimination or ethnicity discrimination. If you believe you suffered national origin discrimination at work then you should contact a Fort Worth employment lawyer right away.

National origin discrimination at work in Fort Worth, Texas

National origin discrimination is a form of employment discrimination in which an employer discriminates against an employee or applicant because that person is from a particular country or the person’s family is from a particular country. It may result in an adverse employment action, including termination, demotion, pay cuts, reduction in work assignments and failure to hire or promote. It may also occur through harassment in which employees, supervisors, customers or vendors create a hostile work environment. These forms of employment discrimination can have a significant impact on a person’s career.

National origin discrimination may also involve racial discrimination or ethnicity discrimination. Often discrimination on the basis of nationality involves broader hate or harassment about the person’s race or ethnicity. These claims may be so closely related that it is difficult to agree where one begins and one ends.

How a Fort Worth national origin discrimination lawyer can help

Employment discrimination claims, including national origin discrimination, are complex claims. They require specific legal procedures and the laws governing employment discrimination lawsuits in Texas are complex. An experienced Fort Worth national origin discrimination lawyer understands the process to protect your rights and fight for justice. A lawsuit for national origin discrimination may result in an award of lost wages, punitive damages, mental anguish, attorney’s fees and court costs. Before taking action on a national origin discrimination claim you should speak with a Fort Worth national origin discrimination attorney.

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