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Fort Worth non-compete lawyers help clients interpret, understand and negotiate non-compete agreements. Non-compete agreements are common in employment relationships where the employee has access to trade secrets and other proprietary data. They can be powerful tools for employers that limit the employment opportunities of employees.

Fort Worth Non-Compete Lawyers

Non-compete agreements are useful to employers to protect information that provides them a business advantage. This can include sales and client lists, research and development of new products or services, proprietary business processes and proprietary tools. This is important because that information gives the employer a tactical advantage. If employees can leave and take that information with them then the employer’s ability to earn profits is in jeopardy.

Employers also use non-compete agreements for professional employees such as doctors to prevent them from competing in the same market as the employer. For example, a physician’s practice in Fort Worth might use a non-compete agreement to prevent one of its doctors from opening a competing practice across the street. That practice might use a non-compete agreement to exclude the doctor from going to work in a practice within Fort Worth. This is to prevent the doctor from using her relationship with patients to bring those patients from the first practice to the new practice. It maintains the business-patient (or client or customer) relationship.

Non-solicitation agreements

Non-compete agreements may also come in the form of non-solicitation agreements. Non-solicitation agreements are agreements between employer and employee that the employee will not solicit customers or clients from the business upon leaving. These serve the same purpose as the non-compete agreements above because they prohibit departing employees from becoming direct competitors in the same market.

Legal enforcement of non-compete agreements

Not all non-compete agreements are legally enforceable by the employer. Texas employment law limits non-compete agreements to prevent them from being so broad that they prevent the employee from finding any work at all. That would create a near slave relationship with the employee because the employee would have to suffer a serious career setback to leave. If faced with a non-compete agreement you should speak with a Fort Worth non-compete attorney about the legitimacy of any non-compete agreement you have been asked to sign.

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