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Fort Worth pregnancy leave lawyers help pregnant mothers and mothers of newborn babies protect their jobs from unlawful pregnancy discrimination. Various federal and Texas laws protect pregnant mothers from discrimination on the basis of the pregnancy. These laws also protect mothers from discrimination on the basis of recent childbirth. If you believe you suffered or currently suffer pregnancy discrimination then contact a Fort Worth pregnancy leave lawyer.

Pregnancy Discrimination at Work

The Pregnancy Discrimination Act (PDA) included discrimination against pregnant mothers and mothers who recently gave birth as a form of sex discrimination. Title VII’s original sex discrimination prohibition did not specify anything about pregnancy although it is obviously a sex-specific issue. The Pregnancy Discrimination Act created two anti-discrimination protections. First, it prohibited adverse employment actions on the basis of pregnancy.

Second, it required covered employers to treat pregnancy under the same policy as other medical leave. If an employer has a policy to grant short term leave for surgeries, illnesses and other medical conditions then it must make the same allowance for pregnancy-related conditions and childbirth. An employer does not have to create a leave policy specifically for pregnancy or childbirth. FMLA leave supersedes this issue in many cases because it provides a statutory right to leave for many employees. As a result this is less of an issue than in the past. It may still be an issue for employers with too few employees for FMLA coverage.

Ways pregnancy discrimination occurs

Pregnancy discrimination can occur in several ways:

  • Wrongfully refusing FMLA leave for pregnancy or childbirth-related serious medical conditions
  • Wrongfully refusing FMLA leave post-birth for bonding
  • Treating pregnancy differently from other short term disabilities with regard to leave policies
  • Demoting, firing or otherwise diminishing the job of a pregnant employee
  • Retaliating against an employee for requesting pregnancy leave
  • Bring the employee back to an inferior position after pregnancy leave

Although pregnancy discrimination has been prohibited by federal statute since the 1970s, many employers continue to engage in this unlawful practice. If you believe your employer discriminates against you for your pregnancy or pregnancy leave needs then you need to contain a Fort Worth pregnancy leave lawyer right away. Don’t wait until you take leave to try to figure out what to do. It may be too late. Fort Worth pregnancy leave attorneys can fight to protect your job or if your employer fires you then file suit to recover lost wages and other damages.

Contact Fort Worth Pregnancy Leave Lawyers

Fort Worth pregnancy leave lawyers can help protect your job from wrongful termination and other forms of pregnancy discrimination. Do not delay if you believe your employer discriminated on the basis of your pregnancy or recent childbirth.

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