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Fort Worth race discrimination lawyers represent clients in Fort Worth and other parts of Texas in race discrimination or racial discrimination in employment. Race discrimination is an unlawful form of employment discrimination under federal and Texas law. If your employer discriminates on the basis of race then you should contact a Fort Worth race discrimination lawyer right away.

Race discrimination in employment in Fort Worth, Texas

Race discrimination in employment is unlawful under Title VII, the Civil Rights Act of 1866 and the Texas Labor Code. Employers who discriminate on the basis of race are liable to employees or applicants who are the victims of this discrimination. Employers engage in this form of employment discrimination by:

  • Making promotion, hiring and work assignment decisions on the basis of race
  • Terminating, demoting or giving pay cuts on the basis of race
  • Creating harassment or a hostile work environment on the basis of race
  • Allowing employees to harass other employees on the basis of race

Racial discrimination in employment can occur because the employer favors one race over another or attacking members of a race. Promoting an employee being he is white and not promoting an employee because she is Asian is equally unlawful. Race discrimination can also occur by favoring one member of a race over another members of the same race. This happens because one employee is lighter skinned than another of the same race or seen as less stereotypical. This same-race discrimination is no different from any other form of race discrimination.

An employer engaging in employment discrimination on the basis of race is liable to the employee for damages. Damages include lost wages, mental anguish, out of pocket losses, attorneys fees, court costs, lost benefits and other damages. Fort Worth race discrimination lawyers fight against this violation of employment law for clients.

Contact Fort Worth race discrimination lawyers

Contact Fort Worth race discrimination lawyers right away if you believe your employer discriminated against you on the basis of race. Race discrimination claims have a short statute of limitations to act on a claim and you must file the claim in a specific manner. Fort Worth race discrimination lawyers understand the process to file a claim for you.

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