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Fort Worth racial discrimination lawyers represent clients in lawsuits against employers who racially discriminate in Fort Worth, Dallas and other parts of Texas. Racial discrimination in employment is unlawful under both federal law and Texas law. If you believe your employer discriminated on the basis of your race or ethnicity then you should contact a Fort Worth employment lawyer.

Racial discrimination at work in Fort Worth, Texas

Racial discrimination in employment happens when an employer discriminates against an employee or applicant on the basis of the person’s race, ethnicity, or skin color. Race discrimination in employment is unlawful under federal laws including Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and Section 1981 of the Civil Rights Act of 1866. Texas employment law also prohibits racial discrimination at work in the Texas Labor Code. Some municipal codes in Texas, such as those in Fort Worth and Dallas, also prohibit racial discrimination at work.

Racial discrimination happens when an employer takes an adverse employment action or harasses an employee on the basis of race or ethnicity. An adverse employment action includes termination, demotion, pay cuts, reduction of work assignments, negative changes to work conditions and failures to promote or hire. A Texas employee may suffer racial harassment by management, coworkers, customers, or outside vendors. Offensive, harassing behavior that forms a hostile work environment can be just as harmful to a career as an adverse employment action.

How Fort Worth racial discrimination lawyers can help

If you believe you suffered discrimination on the basis of race either through an adverse employment action or harassment you should contact a Fort Worth racial discrimination lawyer to discuss your situation. Employment discrimination claims result in complex lawsuits with many legal and factual issues that can be harmful to a claim. There are specific procedures that must be followed in many cases to structure the strongest case possible for an employee. Fort Worth racial discrimination attorneys have experience to guide you through this process and fight for your rights.

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